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Subject: Save more water – three xeriscape tips

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Whether you want to save money on your water bill or you want to help conserve water for environmental reasons, xeriscaping can help. Xeriscaping is the practice of planting plants and landscaping in a way that conserves water. A xeriscape yard needs little to no watering. You can get rid of your in-ground sprinkler and still enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard.

1. Know Your Zone

Across the country, different climates are assigned different landscaping and gardening zones. They’re called “hardiness zones” or “temperate zones.” Most zone maps divide the country into ten or eleven zones.

For example, Kansas is primarily a zone five and a zone six. Florida is a zone eight, nine, and ten. Knowing your zone is important because it then helps you choose the right xeriscaping plants for your climate.

2. Native Grasses

If you like the look of grass for at least a portion of your yard, look into native grasses. Native grass will be hardier for your geographical region and may not need as much water or soil conditioning.

3. Mulch

One of the best ways to keep water in the ground rather than let it evaporate, is to place a thick layer of mulch around your plants. A fabric weed barrier and several inches of mulch will keep water in your soil and weeds at bay.

Finally, consider composting. Each spring you can add last year’s compost to your soil. Pull back the mulch and fabric and integrate the compost into your soil. It gives your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Plus, you’re making another contribution to the environment by keeping compostable waste out of landfills.

Xeriscaping can be a beautiful way to create a yard that is environmentally friendly, budget friendly, and inviting. There are an abundance of xeriscape or water-friendly plants to choose for any zone you might live in.

Next time, we’ll take a look at how to make your back yard more inviting.

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