Reiki Retreat: Your Guide To Reducing Stress And Relaxing With Reiki Methods Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction To Reiki

Chapter 2:
Learning About Reiki

Chapter 3:
Negative Effects and side of Reiki

Chapter 4:
Taking Reiki into consideration For Health Benefits

Chapter 5:
Reiki to Solve Problems in Life

Chapter 6:
More Benefits Of Reiki

Chapter 7:
Using Reiki Effectively

Chapter 8:
Additional Treatment Advantages Of Reiki

Chapter 9:
What to Expect from Reiki Practice

Chapter 10:
Drawbacks of Not Using Reiki

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Introduction To Reiki


Divided into two loosely termed branches reiki is divided into two branches that are known as Japanese and Western Reiki.

The Fundamentals

In general it is divided into 3 major stages of proficiency, which are first, second and third degree, those who practice reiki will be able to cure and heal themselves and others as well.

The second stage of practitioners has the capability to cure and heal anyone from a distance, which is referred as distance healing. The final degree (highest) is the vital level in which the practitioner is meticulously knowledge with the essential acquaintance and proficiency to edify and attune others to reiki practice.

In simple words, it is a simple method of a healing concept with holistic methods and without using any medications at all. The method is done by the practitioner by placing his or her hands on the person who needs the healing.

The basic idea of the process is to emit positive energy from the practitioner to the recipient and indulge in the healing process. There have been some strange claims which state that the healing energy is self seeking and can “zero” in on the wound to begin the healing progression.

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