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Subject: How to start recycling

Dear NAME,

Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact. With a little organization and a plan, you can begin to live a greener life. Recycling is a simple and incredibly effective way to make a difference.

Step #1 Determine What You Can Recycle

Look into your community’s recycling options. Do you have a municipal curbside pick-up? If so, then visit the website and download a guide about what they do and don’t recycle. Also check into your local recycling centers. These may be private recycling centers that take larger items like beds, televisions, and batteries.

Step #2 Identify Your Recycling Materials

You know the items that you commonly throw away. Begin creating an organization system for these items. Review the rules for your curbside pick-up. Do they require items to be sorted? Do they offer single stream recycling? This will tell you how many containers you need for your materials and help you create a system.

Step #3 Get in the Habit

Consider placing a sign over your garbage can for a while that reminds you to recycle. You might also hang a list of recyclable items that your city accepts. For example, they probably accept what’s known as #1 plastics but do they accept #3 plastics. Having this information handy will help make sure you recycle everything you possibly can.

Step #4 Make It Easy

In addition to hanging signs, there are other steps you can take to make recycling easier. For example, you might place your recycle bin next to your garbage bin. Mark your calendar for pick-up days. And if you have recycling centers in the community, they may have special days for larger item drop-off. Mark those days, too.

Step #5 Buy Recycled

The next step is to begin buying materials made from recycled materials. It helps bring your home recycling program full circle. You know you’re helping to reduce items in landfills and you’re making a difference.

Recycling is important and it’s easy to do. Next time we’ll talk about one of the biggest environmental contaminants and how to stop using it with one simple step.

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