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Hello “autoresponder code here”,

In the last issue we talked about some of the advantages and side
effects associated with quitting. In this issue we are going to talk about
what happens after you finally quit smoking?

As humans we often think what will happen after giving up a bad habit?
Let’s examine this thoroughly in the case of cigarette smoking. The
benefits that follow a person are based on the amount of time after
a smoker has quit smoking for instance:

What happens after 20 minutes quitting?

Smoking generally results in high blood pressure which is harmful for
heart as it increases the risk of heart attack. But the minute most
people quit this, the risk reduces and their blood pressure level
becomes normal.

During the next 10 hours:

The level of carbon monoxide in your body rebuses by half after the first
10 hours of giving up smoking. Carbon monoxide is one of the major
pollutants that produces ill effects on your cognitive skills and overall

While oxygen is one of the most vital substances that is necessary our
very for survival. High level of carbon monoxide decreases intake of
blood from lungs which can give birth to serious problems. Your energy
levels will also increase as the level of carbon monoxide is reduced
after quitting.

24 hours after quitting smoking:

Not smoking for 24 hours is a tremendous achievement for any chain
smoker! It provides them with more willpower to complete their journey.
They will also feel less fatigue after exercise and experience eased
breathing and faster recovery times.

After 48 hours:

Making it thorough the first 48 hours gives a completely new experience
to the person who is quitting. Because now the nicotine is eliminated
from their body and the nasty side effects like irritability, headache,
stomachache, chills and sometimes vomiting that withdrawal can cause
will subside.

After 2 weeks?

You will notice that your overall health will improve. Your circulation will
return to normal and you will notice that other problems like slow
healing, cold feet, trouble breathing and symptoms of peripheral
vascular disease (PVT) will diminish.

After 1 year?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) an estimated
443,000 deaths, or nearly 1 of every 5 deaths, each year in the United
States alone are due to cardiovascular diseases. If you quit smoking
for 1 year it reduces your risk of heart attack to half.

After 10 years?

After minimizing the danger of heart attack your fantastic habit of not
smoking results in reducing the risk of lung cancer to by half. The
CDCalso states that 80% of all lung cancer deaths in women and 90%
of all lung cancer deaths in men were due to smoking.

Wow, after 15 years?

After this much time has passed the person who once was chain
smoker leads a healthy life just as they had never smoked at all and all
of the pain and agony you suffers while quitting has repaid you with a
long and healthy and smoke free life.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about
why people continue to smoke even when there are aware of the
dangers associated with it.

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The Dirty Truth on Smoking
The Low Down on How To Quit Smoking Exposed
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Sample Extra Paragraphs

Most of the smokers are working hard to quit the habit of smoking but
unfortunately, a few of them are able to do it. Many counselors have
developed a program that has been proved successful for interested
volunteers. This ‘stop smoking’ program works according to the
Behavior Theory. It is different from other programs and helps a person
not to depend on cigarettes at every tense circumstance of his life. This
way the smoker learns to resist his cravings for another puff.


Smokers are well aware that smoking is injurious. Thus, to divert their
minds they make such excuses. The cause for these false excuses is
the addiction of nicotine.


Earlier, smoking was a craze among adults only but now teenagers too
have joined the trend. A surprising fact is that adults are more likely to
quit smoking on being encouraged by friends, family and counselors,
but getting teenagers to quit smoking is not all that easy. They start
smoking under the influence of the peer group or friends, and even if
they try getting out of the addiction, the same influences do not allow
that to happen. Teenagers get well entrapped wherefrom it is not that
easy to escape.


The primary cause of the death in U.S. is cardiovascular disease which
is again partially an outcome of the tobacco use. A survey shows the
deaths of 65000 women who died of the lung cancer and 85000 men
who died of lung and bronchus diseases. This shows that smoking is
much injurious to health than the most people are aware about its
harmful effects. This data should act as a statuary warning for people
but instead of becoming aware they get back to the same habit again.


We can never introduce our child to this deadly addiction, as we are
well aware of its consequences. Do you think it is good to smoke for
attaining relief?


A recent survey has shown increment in production, sale and the
number of smokers in Nigeria. Along with it, there is also an increment
in the death rate due to smoking.

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