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Part 1- Making Scrapbooking A Part Of Your Life – (330 Words)
Part 2- Scrapbooking Ideas – (326 Words)
Part 3- Making A Space For Scrapbooking – (336 Words)
Part 4- Designing Your Scrapbooking Pages – (329 Words)
Part 5- Preserving Memories By Scrapbooking – (347 Words)

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One of the best ways that a scrapbook can work for you is to preserve memories for you for a lifetime to come.  Not only do they have pictures in them that tell their own stories, but they also have a wide range of other elements in their pages to help you to remember, smile and pass on these memories to those that you love.  Preserving memories is what a scrapbook can do for you and for those that you love.

Sometimes, individuals will make up a scrapbook to give as a gift.  Other times they are making them up to simply remember their own memories for years to come.  In any of these cases, the goal is to provide meaningful memories that will help to show who the person is or what this family has been like.  To accomplish these goals, though, it is essential that the book portray all of the things that are characteristic of those that are within the pages of the scrapbook. 

When trying to accomplish this, one of the best ways to do so is to include more than just photos in the scrapbook.  You can include pieces of the things that make this person them.  If they love baseball and have spent many of their summer days at the baseball park, then including some ticket stubs from the game will add dimension and meaning to the scrapbook.  If they are a child that loves to make pictures, making one of the pages an actual art project that they accomplished is a great way to accomplish these goals.

There are many things that you can include in a scrapbook to make it mean something.  The goal is to not only see in pictures those memorable moments but to be able to touch a piece of clothing that your baby wore or to remember the days when they did spend their afternoons finger-painting.  Adding these to a scrapbook makes it amazing.  It does help you to preserve memories within your mind as well as within theirs.

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