Prevention And Treatment Of Headaches PLR Ebook With Audio

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Table of Contents

Introduction – What is a Headache? 4
Chapter 1 – Types of Headaches 5
Tension Headaches 6
Migraine 8
Cluster Headaches 12
Does Stress Cause Headaches? 14
Chapter 2 – Treatments 15
Medical Treatments 15
Natural Remedies 18
Chapter 3 – Prevention 26
Preventative Drugs 26
Natural Remedies that Prevent Headaches 27
Keeping a Headache Diary 27

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Introduction – What is a Headache?

Everyone knows what a headache feels like. The pain can take many forms. For example, your head being trapped in vise; an angry blacksmith hammering on the inside of your skull; or maybe you just feel like your head is about to explode from the pressure building inside of it. You hold your head, search for a dark room, and wonder: why does my head hurt like this?

Although it often feels like your brain is swelling or your skull is pounding, the brain and the skull are actually incapable of feeling pain. So, what part of your head is it that’s hurting? There are three different possible culprits for the source of headache pain: the delicate tracery of nerves that covers your scalp; nerves in the face, mouth and throat; and the muscles and blood vessels that cradle and nourish the brain. Once nerve endings in any of these areas are triggered, they send out a pain signal to the brain, and you end up with a headache.

Have you ever wondered what causes a headache? Is it possible to avoid them, or at least reduce their frequency? There are actually several different types of headaches, and each type has its own list of possible causes and treatments. In this book, we will look at the different kinds of headaches and at specialized treatment options available to help make the pain go away. Finally, we will also look at simple lifestyle changes that can keep headaches from starting in the first place.

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