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Table Of Contents

Signs of Depression
How Do I know if I am Severely Depressed?
Depression Is A Real Illness
What Causes Depression?
When Should I see a doctor?
Is there Treatment for Depression?
Are there any “natural” treatments for depression?
Depression and Suicide
Depression and Anxiety Disorders
Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Panic Attacks and Depression
Depression and Alcohol
How Does Depression affect Physical health?
Avoid Depression in a Few Easy Steps

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Everyone goes through rough times where we feel sad or down in the dumps.  Actually, it’s pretty normal to feel that way on occasion.

Crying can be cathartic and beneficial, allowing us to release all the negative stuff that is causing us to feel bad.

However, when depression seems to be going nonstop and the patient just can’t snap out of it no matter how hard he or she tries, then that probably signifies depression.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in America. It has been reported that about 9.5 million Americans suffer from depression almost every six months. You should remember that depression does not choose a victim as it could practically affect anyone whatever social status or race.

It is important that we know the signs of depression so that we can deal with it and have it alleviated.

If the following signs have been going on for more than two weeks, then you should seek professional help.

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