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{!firstname_fix}, Here’s Your Fourth Lesson on “Get Outta Debt:
Living Within Your Means”

Hi, {!firstname_fix},

Today let’s talk about “Being hardworking, patient and persistent”…

Be hardworking, patient and persistent

While you are working your way towards getting yourself out of
debt, you must have the right character in order to
weather these financial storms of your life and be able to push
thru towards your goal of financial independence.

Aside from having a grand plan towards addressing the financial
aspects of your problem, it is equally important that
one should also undergo the necessary personal transformation.

First, he must strive to become one who is hardworking.  Being so,
he will be able to carry on his job passionately and
excel in his career.  This will surely help him become more
financially stable – as a higher position would relate to a
higher pay.

Being hardworking will also mean he does what he can to achieve the
income he needs to buy the things he
wants – preferably not in credit of course.  If he wants more
luxury in his life, then he must work hard to earn
more – whether it be getting promoted in his current line of work
or by finding other means to supplement his income.

By being hardworking, you will be on your way towards repaying your
debt – and in a quicker way also.

He must also be patient & persistent while in the way towards being
debt-free.  It will surely take a while for you to
get back on track, yet with the right attitude – not for long, you
will be back up and in control of your finances.
One only has to stick it out with his grand plan, and be
disciplined enough to make it work for him.  At the end of it
all, it will eventually be for his own good.

Next time…. “Having A Grand Plan”

Take Care,

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