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Subject: Tips to make walking more interesting

Dear NAME,

At some point you may feel unenthused by your walking program. Maybe it’s too quiet, maybe you’re bored, or maybe you’re just not having fun anymore. You may be tempted to stop walking. However, stopping will also put an end to all of the wonderful health-boosting benefits you’ve been receiving.

So how do you make your walking program more interesting? Let’s take a look at a handful of ideas.

1. Listen to something – The most common thing for people to listen to as they walk is music. Fast-paced music, more than 100 beats per minute and less than 130 beats per minute, can help boost your pace. Good music increases energy and improves mood. Your walking time will fly by. You can also learn as you walk by listening to podcasts or audio books.

2. Walk with a friend – Walking alone can be lonely. Why not team up with a friend and make it a joint effort? You can motivate each other, catch up, and enjoy the benefits of walking and hanging out with friends.

3. Vary your path – Instead of walking the same route every day, consider trying a different path. If you always walk around your neighborhood, why not find a local trail to explore. Uneven terrain, like hiking trails, is good for improving mobility and strengthening your bones, joints, and muscles.

4. Set goals – If you’re bored, begin to set distance, time, and pace goals. One fun goal for many is to get a pedometer or a device like the Fitbit which tracks steps. Aim to get 5000, 10,000 or even 15,000 steps a day. Reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Actually, goal setting can be an important part of your walking for fitness program. Next time we’ll take a look at if goal setting is right for you, what types of goals to consider, and how to use goal setting to improve your walking for fitness results.

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