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{!firstname_fix}, Here’s Your Second Lesson about “How To Care For
Your Antiques: Preserving Their Value”

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I hope you enjoyed your first lesson.

All About Antiques – Knowing The Valuables In Your Hands

Antique s can be broadly grouped according to their use – or to the
material they are made of. Such groupings include
sculpture, pottery, furniture, clocks, porcelain, copper, silver,
brass & bronze.

Furthermore, the groupings can be subdivided according to a
specific historic period that they symbolize.
Correspondingly, groupings can also be done according to the
artists, manufacturers or craftsmen of the time.

Undoubtedly, each antique has a story to tell – possessing that
mystifying aura unique only to the piece.  Collectors
have always been amazed by their artifacts, as these not only bring
them satisfaction for their pastime – but are able
to provide valuable insights to the past.

Most collectors go for a particular niche for their antique
collection.  This would ensure a focused approach towards
buying antiques out there. There is just too much available in the
market – that without a clear direction of what you
want to collect, you may end up with a collection that is too
varied for your own good.

Going for a particular niche will be advisable.  You can
concentrate your efforts towards buying only those antique
pieces that will seemingly complete your collection. With each new
piece added into the collection, you should be able
to feel that you are putting pieces of history’s puzzle together.
We’ll cover some tips on “Caring For Your Priceless Antiques” next

Take Care,

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