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Part 1: Building Skills With Online Tutoring – (317 Words)
Part 2: Online Tutoring Can Help Children Keep Up – (321 Words)
Part 3: How To Assure Online Tutoring Is Working For Your Child – (355 Words)
Part 4: Online Tutoring Still Requires Positive Reinforcement – (322 Words)
Part 5: Online Tutoring And Accreditation – (312 Words)

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Just because a student is being given online tutoring does not assure understanding of that subject. It is required that each and every student receiving online tutoring be gauged constantly to measure the level of comprehension.
Starting with the basics at the beginning of every tutoring session is a good place to start. Make sure your online tutor isn’t simply jumping into the middle of a lesson. An example of starting at the basics would be:
Your child is getting tutoring on poetry. An assignment requires that the student write a haiku. If it was gone over during a previous week, the starting point of the tutor should be something like, “What is a haiku?”
The online tutor should not begin at, “What do you want to write about?” or “What would the first line look like?”
Other ways the tutor should be gauging comprehension are:
• Mastery of vocabulary – rote memorization
• Understanding of vocabulary – knowing the meaning of all terminology, stated in their own words
• Requiring summarization – can the student start at the beginning and describe an entire process
• Quiz the student – without the stress of a “grade”, the student can perform at their level and show the online tutor where additional help is needed
• Turn the tables – have the student become the tutor. The tutor can require the student to “teach” the subject to him or her.
• The tutor should ask the simple question, “Do you understand?” often. This is the best way to gauge comprehension, as with online tutoring there is not the pressure of “saving face” in front of peers by automatically saying “yes”.
• Probing questions should be asked by the tutor often, as well, to keep the student’s mind working instead of growing bored with “yes” and “no” questions.
As a parent, it is your ultimate responsibility to make sure the online tutoring service you hire is following these techniques. Sit with your student while being tutored several times to see if the online tutor will be an effective teacher.

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