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Basically, for human beings such as us, fertilization is the union of an egg and a sperm. As you can well expect, the females provide the eggs, and the males provide the sperm, and the union takes place within the female womb.

And yes, sex is precisely the process by which the sperm is inserted into the female body, before it journey’s to the womb and causes conception.

Although all of this is fairly basic stuff, you might have guessed by now that there is really a lot more to conception than just this. After all, if it was just a question of having sex, then there’d be no issue at all.

In fact, there are several issues involved with this process.

Firstly, any ejaculated sperm need to actually make it to the womb, and not all will most of the time. But far more importantly, even once sperm do make it that far, there actually needs to be an egg there for fertilization to occur.

That is one of the key prerequisites for any pregnancy to occur: A woman needs to actually be at a stage of her menstrual cycle where an egg has been released and is ready for fertilization. Otherwise, it simply cannot happen.

On top of that, at certain points, the chances of fertilization are vastly increased, meaning that your chances of getting pregnant would be best at certain times.
Further to this, there are other factors to. For example, even once a woman is ovulation, and sperm does get where they should be, that does not necessarily mean that fertilization is going to occur.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it does not. Without getting too medical, it would be best if you think of it this way: For some reasons, the sperm might not be able to get into the egg in order to form the ‘union’ that it needs to.

End of the day, you now have a rough enough idea of what conception entails.

By this point, you probably even have pinpointed at least one of the topics that is going to form a big portion of what this guide is about. Yes, that’s right: Finding out when the best point in time for fertilization to occur.

Soon enough, we’ll get to that, but for now, there’s some starting points that should help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Really, they’re the very first port of call that you should be considering, and so we should definitely deal with them right now!

Preparation to Increase the Chances of Conception

Knowing as you now do (and probably already did!) that both men and women have roles to play in a successful pregnancy, it makes sense that there are specific items in terms of preparation that each should undertake.

Bear in mind that these are, as mentioned, the sort of things that should be done as quickly as possible.

So, as soon as you’re done with this section, you should be willing to start at least making an effort to get some of them done. Sure, you could wait till you’re done reading this guide, but don’t forget!

Some of what we’re about to discuss will be based on the factors that play a role in conception. Admittedly, we haven’t really discussed these in depth, but they’re the kind of thing that you’ll become very accustomed to as we go along.

Plus, to discuss them in a lot of detail would mean getting very technical, and unless you want a crash course in biology, it’s best that we steer clear of that for now.

Anyway, to kick things off, let’s look at the preparation that women should undertake to initially boost their chances of conception.

Preparation for Women

Being a woman, the role that is played in pregnancy is a very major one, needless to say. In conception, that role is no less important, as it is the woman’s primary task to supply the egg for fertilization.

As we explore the steps that a woman could, and should, take in order to maximize their chances to get pregnant, you’ll notice that a lot of it does tie in to what we discussed earlier regarding fertility.

Don’t worry if your grasp on fertility isn’t entirely firm yet – we’ll be covering it in greater depth later.

For now, here’s some of the steps that you should be starting to carry out:

1.Stop All Forms of Birth Control

Sure, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the very first thing that you need to do is to stop any birth control measures that you may be on. But depending on

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