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Part 1: Nursing Jobs: Finding Your Niche – (322 Words)
Part 2: Nursing Jobs: Understanding Nursing Degree Programs – (344 Words)
Part 3: Nursing Jobs: Licensing Requirements – (323 Words)
Part 4: Nursing Jobs Require Continuing Education – (318 Words)
Part 5: Nursing Jobs: Securing Your First Position – (317 Words)

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One of the most confusing of educational degrees is that of nursing.  You may not realize it but throughout the country there are over 1500 different nursing degree programs available to provide you with training for the career you are stepping into.  Nursing jobs are very specialized and often, there is more than one degree program that you will want to take to complete your degree needs.  If in fact you will be investing time in finding the right nursing program, don’t worry, you won’t have to go through all of these programs to find the right one for you.

Some of the most common are these:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN:  This degree program requires four years of study.  It is widely offered program that will prepare you to either enter the work force in a number of different careers or it will prepare you to enter into the next degree program that you’ll need.  This is often the launching degree for Master level programs down the road.

Associate Degree in Nursing, AND:  This is a shorter program.  It is only a tour year program that is easily offered through most community colleges.  Here, you will be able to graduate and enter several work areas and work directly with patients at entry level positions.

Hospital Diploma:  This type of degree is one that offers two or three years worth of study.  In this program, you will likely learn your education right in a hospital.  The requirements and the benefits of this type of education are specific to your state’s requirements.

When you are considering any of these programs, you’ll want to learn where they can take you.  For example, most nursing jobs require that you enter into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program first.  This will prepare you for careers that require Master’s learning such as becoming a nurse practitioner, a midwife or an RN first assistant in the operating room.

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