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Part 1: Money Saving Tips: Where To Begin – (353 Words)
Part 2: Money Saving Tips: Keep Your Social Life Intact – (287 Words)
Part 3: Money Saving Tips: Getting Through The Day – (363 Words)
Part 4: Money Saving Tips: Shopping – (258 Words)
Part 5: Money Saving Tips: Buying Clothes – (308 Words)

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If you think your quite fiscally responsible and never waste money, ask yourself the following questions. How often to you buy a quick coffee at a specialist chain? How often to you purchase lunch at work or even go out? How often to you buy snacks or newspapers during your working day? Chances are you do one or more of these things on a daily basis. Spending 4-5 dollars on a coffee doesn’t seem like much but these can add up. The same holds true for lunches and treats like snacks, newspapers and magazines.

IF you did each of these everyday soon you would only be working to support the purchase of these items. There are alternatives it just takes a little creativity. Buying specialist coffee can result in an expenditure annually of 1000-1600 dollars. If the though of giving up your morning coffee sends your heart racing, the good news is you don’t have to. You can save nearly 90% of this amount by brewing your own and taking it with you. Some even save the paper cups from the shops and put the coffee in those. You won’t notice the difference in taste but you will notice the difference in cost.

By purchasing lunches at work, you could be spending close to 1200 dollars a year. Again, nearly 90% of this money could be saved by preparing lunches and taking them with you. You also have the added benefit of having what you choose.

Newspapers are another thing that we can completely eliminate. Chances are we read only a few sections and discard the rest. You could try getting up early and watching about 30 minutes of the morning news. This will give you all of the headlines and it is free. If you simply must have that newspaper in your hand then look for places that give them away for free. There are more than you think and are quite good.

It is okay to treat ourselves to these things once in a while but purchasing them daily results in lots of money being wasted.

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