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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction To Massage Therapy    3
The Role Of A Massage Therapist    4
Massage Therapy School    4
How A Massage Therapist Can Start A Business    6
Marketing Your Business    7
Complimentary Massages    9
Building Your Clientele    10
Other Ways To Market Your Business    12
Massage Techniques    13
Swedish Massage    13
Shiatsu    14
Acupressure    16
Trigger Point Therapy    17
Sports Massage Therapy    18
Thai Massage    19
Prenatal Massage    21
Reflexology    21
Aromatherapy    24
Conclusion    25
Resources    26

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Introduction To Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be a benefit for those that experience injuries.  It can even help prevent future injuries from afflicting you.  Massage Therapy has been around for more than 2,500 years.  It was considered as a form of natural healing by the Eastern Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese, Chinese and Romans.  This was before history was recorded.

During the mid 1800s, the Western region started using massage techniques.  At that time, the methods used were from the Swedish people.  After the advance of Western medicine, massage therapy wasn’t used as much.

However, in the 1970s, it peaked once again, in particular for those that were in the sports massage industry.  Nowadays, more people are seeking treatments for their ailments that are not dependent on drugs or surgery.  Because of this, more massage therapists are in demand now more than ever.

Having a career as a massage therapist is very up and coming.  It is being marketed as a career that can pay you a nice amount per hour.  Being a massage therapist can allow you to be flexible in the hours you want and how many clients you want to have.

Massage therapy is steadily in demand in the United States and other parts of the world.  It is becoming one of the most sought out wellness treatments.  Some people are using massage therapy in lieu of other medicines.  However, massage therapy should be treated as a supplement, not a replacement for quality medical care.

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