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What is Andropause?
About Erectile Dysfunction
You and Your Prostate
What about a Vasectomy
Obesity and Male Infertility
Penis Enlargement
Premature Ejaculation
Pheromones – How they Work
Prostate Screening
Curing Impotency
About Your Cholesterol
Blood Pressure Dangers
Why Men Lose Their Hair
Hair Loss Treatment
Medical Tests ALL Men MUST Have

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What is Andropause?

The Phenomenon of Andropause

Females have menopause, Andropause is the male counterpart of this aging phenomenon. Unlike menopause, however, only little is known about this condition in aging males. Both cases are caused by a significant drop in the hormone levels that extreme changes in the body are experienced once a male reaches a particular age range, mostly between 40 and 55.

Also known as male menopause, Andropause concerns the decline of male hormones. Among the scientific studies performed on this condition show greater risk for men to develop certain diseases like heart diseases and weakening of the bones. Since little is still known about Andropause, health experts are furthering their studies on the nuances of this condition. This starts by clarifying what Andropause really is since many refuse to categorize it as a clinical condition.

How Common Is This?

It cannot be said that Andropause is an entirely new phenomenon. It first became known in medical literature as far back as the 1940s. However, knowledge about andropause remains minimal until today and these concerns analyzing symptoms and diagnosis. One reason why earlier tests on Andropause proved successful is the lack of bio available testosterone to be used for these tests.

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