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Chapter 1: The Basics On Lucid Dreaming

Chapter 2: The Link Between Mind And Disease

Chapter 3: How Lucid Dreaming Affects The Immune System

Chapter 4: How To Create Lucid Dreams

Chapter 5: How To Dream Away Physical Symptoms

Chapter 6: Psychological Growth With Lucid Dreaming

Chapter 7: Cancer Patients Achieving Longevity With Lucid Dreaming

Chapter 8: Manage Stress Through Dreaming

Chapter 9: Using Lucid Dreaming Correctly

Chapter 10: Cautions To Lucid Dreaming

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: The Link Between Mind And Disease


With all the constants researches going on in the world today, it is no surprise that some break-throughs are being made in the field concerning the mind and how it works. Similarly in the fields of mind and dreams several new discoveries have been made.

How Things Connect

A new kind of scientific study called pychoneuroimmunology has evolved the thinking of the researches so much because of these break-throughs, that they now claim, with quite a good percentage of proof that the mind plays an important part in how the body systems reacts to an manages diseases.

This discovery is indeed exciting on many levels. With this new discovery, there are now better hope percentages for those suffering from terrible diseases, be it mental or physical.

It has been discovered that each organ and its functions are closely related to the emotions and ideas the brain perceives towards its condition, and these organs and tissues collectively make up the structure of the immune system.

All this translates to the very real possibility of the individual having some real control on the disease and to what extent it can and will progress. There is also a possibility of actually eliminating the disease altogether.

Lucid dreaming is one avenue that can be used for this purpose. Images can be suggested to the brain while in the dream state, in the ways to overcome the diseased conditions.

For instance a dream scenario can be created to show perhaps the drug prescribed to address the particular disease can be perceived in the image of an army battalion coming in to conquer and gain victory over the disease.
The lucid dream can accept and transcend this image successfully into the subconscious mind to the manifest itself into the reality of the dream state.

Thus by doing this it is hoped that the patient will have the added positive will power to beat the disease state in the real and natural world.

Chapter 3: How Lucid Dreaming Affects The Immune System


Even without scientific backing, it is a known fact that mental images do affect the way the mind and body perceives ideas, objects, circumstances, people, and many other individual things.

Thus it is not unusual to assume the same impact and connection is made when the situation is reversed, meaning the diseased, ailed body can affect the state of mind. It is actually a circle that can be successfully manipulated through various methods, whether natural or scientifically.

Healing The Body

Thus, the reinforced thinking that the immune system is somehow linked to the mind set and vice versa is plausible. In a rather complicated setting, lucid dreams can play a part in these connections. Some scientists have determined that there is a connection between the mind and immune system in the cerebral loci.

The verbal suggestions to the dreamer through the lucid dream state, transform these suggestion styles into imageries. These imageries are then accepted into the brain consciousness and translated as understood matter by the involuntary or autonomic nervous system and its related elements.

Using the lucid dream method, the immune system can be “propped up” to accept and work with these suggested images to improve and increase the healthy state of its system.

The lucid dream way of encouraging the positive stages of progress in an individual’s fight with any disease, especially with diseases like cancer, has to have the advantage of the best possible workings of its immune systems. This works as an advantage that does not require any invasive treatment to further burden the immune system.

Thus the people, who have actually tried this form of treatment, attest to its success only when the relevant understanding of the condition is noted. The action taken in the lucid dream by the dreamer or character in the dream is a dominant factor in encouraging the immune system for return to its optimum functioning level.

Chapter 4: How To Create Lucid Dreams


More and more people today are trying their hand a practicing lucid dreaming. Some do it for fun while others do it with specific intentions in mind.

The ones that try lucid dreaming with a specific idea in mind are normally those individuals who have and area they want to deal with, be it medical, emotional, or physical. Lucid dream practices have been known to be able to provide the success rate needed to keep it an interesting avenue to pursue.

Bringing It On

The practice of lucid dreaming is not something new and has been practiced in many ancient cultures. These lucid dream practices were used primarily to gain “contact” with the different realms surrounding the earthly one. In these realms many different things were sought and understood to be then translated to others or the ordinary masses in the natural world.

Strange though it may sound these methods were successfully and almost ideologically used by shamans, priests and other alternative practitioners.
There are several different ways that can be used to induce and succeed in the lucid dream endeavor. To achieve the lucid dream state some may use the meditative method.

This meditative exercise commences just as the individual is going to fall asleep. Some believe and apparently with proof, that the lucid dream state can allow an individual to process past and present life form karmas and make the transition between realms easily.

Moving between these realms is supposed to allow the individual to be able to acquire certain divine elements.

Other means of inducing lucid dreams include the use of certain herbs. Through the concoction of these powerful plant medicines sleep can be induced with the potential to create the scenario to experience vivid dreams.

This is where lucid dreams can be made use of to create pivotal messages to be conveyed to the masses upon coming out of the dream state.

Popularly used by cultures that don’t depend on medical science for its solutions, this method can have its negative elements attached to it.

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