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Subject: The importance of niche marketing

Dear [NAME],

Congratulations on your smart decision to host a local event in order to increase your profits and profile in the community. But your hard work is just beginning, because in order to make your event a success, you are going to have to put on another hat, your marketer’s hat, to get people to attend. And not just anyone, but motivated people who are genuinely interested in your niche or industry.

Your marketing will already be built into your live event to a certain extent. This is because you will be focusing your efforts on the customers you want to attract most. If you are hosting a Christmas bazaar, for example, you will be trying to attract shoppers looking for unique yet affordable gifts for everyone on their list.

If you are offering a one-day seminar on how to flip houses, you will be attracting would-be real estate entrepreneurs who want to learn your insider secrets. Your topic will be your marketing platform.

Your main goal will be to earn profit from your efforts in organizing your local event. But, it is important to keep your audience’s goals in mind at all times. What do they really need that will improve their lives? And how much are they willing to pay for it in terms of time and/or money?

Remember, your customers and prospects are looking for a solution that will really work, or anything that will make their life easier and help them live better. This includes getting great information and insider deals at your local event. It can also mean adding to their skills so they can get a better job, earn more money and so on. Whatever the niche topic, make sure attending your local event will be time (and perhaps money) well spent.

One inside marketer’s tip that you may have heard before is that potential customers are more afraid of loss than eager for gain. When you are marketing your live event, make your audience feel as if they would really be missing out if they did not attend.

So, where should you market to first? If you have been in business any length of time, chances are you have an in-house customer list – either a postal mailing list, or an email list, or perhaps both. In our next emails, we will discuss how to leverage that list and your knowledge of your niche to fill your local event and make it a success. We’ll start by talking about email marketing.

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