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Part 1: Value Investing: How It Can Work For You – (421 Words)
Part 2: Value Investing: Tips On Spotting Good Stocks – (389 Words)
Part 3: Value Investing: The Advantage Of Dollar Cost Averaging – (337 Words)
Part 4: Value Investing: Should I Wait For A Stock Split? – (281 Words)
Part 5: Value Investing: Should I Invest In My Own Company? – (332 Words)

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Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to saving for our future and our retirement. There are so many options in the form of savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks and 401ks. It is hard sometimes to decide which route to take to economic prosperity. Value investing can be one option. By investing in the stock market over the long term, significant financial gain can be realized. In this article we will look at some of the various value investing programs, discuss the dangers and how best to save for your future.

What is Value Investing?

The simplest definition of value investing is buying cheap or undervalued stocks. The stock market responds to a number of factors. How the company is performing is a major indicator. However, there are several outside influences that can drive companies stock up and down. Depending on the type of company, world events can affect their stock value. When the market reacts to bad news investors start looking. They will look for stocks that are below average in price, possibly a company that has had some bad news or is influenced negatively by some outside event. They will then by the stocks and hang on to them. If they rise in value then the investor will have made a profit.

Value investing sounds easy but it can be very tricky. The key to making a success of it is knowing the intrinsic value of stocks and being able to spot those stock options that are undervalued for the wrong reasons. In reality, there is no absolute intrinsic value for stocks. Two investors can look at the same company and with the same information place an entirely different value on what they are worth. Some investors consider different things when the place value on stock. Some will consider their future growth as part of their value while others will only look at the current cash flow. In either case, figuring the value of stock is highly subjective making value investing a very complicated task to master.

Value investing can be a good, sound way to make money but it does require some skill and experience with the stock market. No one should expect to get rich overnight by value investing. It takes years for stocks to realize a significant profit at times. Learn how to spot the good stock options and keep you money in for the long term.

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