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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Link Exchange Basics
Chapter 2:
The Benefits Of Link Exchange
Chapter 3:
How To Use Link Exchange Correctly
Chapter 4:
Making Money With Link Exchange
Chapter 5:
But Does It Work
Chapter 6:
What To Stay Away From
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 4:

Making Money With Link Exchange

Link exchange is also a great way to create extra revenue or as a foremost money making tool. It is simply a way to broaden the traffic flow to the site in order to achieve the level of interest that can be converted into revenue.

Gleaning Revenue

When there are more visitors to the site through the exchange of links then this should translate into a wider potential customer base. More people having knowledge of the site will ensure the possibility of more customers.

Primarily used as a tool to garner as much visits to the site as possible, the link exchange can further define its advantage by making these visits more focused and revenue making.

When the visits garnered are relevant the chances of revenue earned through actual purchases is heightened. Then there is also the revenue that can be earned through the visits itself. These clicks will also generate a certain amount of income to the site.

Widening the online presence almost equates more revenue, if done the correct way. Just exposing the site to as many people as possible does not necessarily means revenue earned.

These visitors should be visiting the site with specific purposes and intentions. When the link exchange fulfills these reasons for the linkage then it becomes a viable advantage.

Search engines tend to favor sites that have good traffic flow as this converts to a clear and very visible online presence. Through the link exchange these sites will then be ranked increasingly well and when visitors are made aware of this feature then interest to visit the site will be even more urgent.

This in turn will create the source of revenue desired. Such site would be deemed relevant and very important to the online community.

Here again there is the chance to create chances of making money through the direct click and through search engine results which drive traffic to the site.

Chapter 5:

But Does It Work

Do link exchanges work? And how they do. You’ll discover countless posts in webmaster net forums explaining how exchanging links step-ups your link popularity, your Page Rank with Google, and your search engine rankings as a whole. But, I say forget all that. The most beneficial reason to do link exchanges is to acquire the real hits that each link will yield.

The Facts Behind It

Suppose you acquire a thousand individuals to link to you who each generate simply ten visitors per month. That’s an additional ten thousand free visitors to your site per month. You don’t even have to be listed in the search engines!

You have automatic hits coming in from other web sites even if you’re nowhere to be found on the search engines. Attempt multiplying the above numbers by 10 and the figures acquire truly intriguing!

The key isn’t to simply exchange links with any web site. You ought to look to exchange links which provide similar material to yours. This is simply common sense. If you’re going to acquire an additional ten thousand visitors to your web site every month they ought to be targeted visitors. They ought to be visitors who are already interested in your arena.

What about search engine optimization, SEO? Forget about it! The search engines are altering their rules perpetually. It is nearly impossible to “trick” them. Even if you succeed for awhile sooner or later they catch on and your web site could acquire banned.

So I say simply center on getting relevant links to your web site. What the search engines are looking for at any rate is relevant material and relevant links. So do not attempt to trick them. Simply give them the true deal! by not centering on search engine optimization you will have what all search engine optimization experts are drawing a bead on.

Plus, even if you’re not listed immediately in the search engines you’ll be getting true free of charge targeted hits from relevant web sites. The search engine optimization will take care of itself.

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