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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Unity Basics
Chapter 2:
Are You Self Serving
Chapter 3:
The Live And Let Live Mentality
Chapter 4:
Unity Mentality
Chapter 5:
Finding The Unity Mentality
Chapter 6:
Practicing Unity

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No man is an island and so nobody can fulfill all of his or her responsibilities without the help and motivation of others. Truly, a company, a sports team, or organization will be miserable if the members of it will were not willing to work with one another. A certain group will not be able to achieve its vision and mission if there’s no unity and teamwork.

Here in this book, you will learn more about one word: UNITY and its benefits to you, to your peers and to your group. Start reading today and find the right answers to all the questions you have in mind.

Oneness Basics

Chapter 1

Unity Basics

Unity is one of the most important things that every person should practice. Wherever you go, you will find that unity matters in everything. It is very essential inside a company, organization, and even in a community.

Just imagine a group of people working and helping each other in doing and completing a certain activity. Visualize how much they care for each other. It seems very pleasing, right? That’s what unity can do. With unity, everything works out. When each member of the team starts to care for each other, no problems will be hard to resolve.

If unity is absent and members of the group are not willing to work with one another, problems will arise. If unity is absent in your team, these things will surely happen:

When there’s a problem that could lead to the failure of the team, the members will keep on blaming each other. No one will admit that it’s their fault because they will be worried that the other members of the team will blame them. When unity is applied, everyone works together as a whole. There is no blame game to play.

If someone in the team needs help, other members will simply ignore that person. They also most likely will not give you any of their time. They will keep making excuses because they only want to focus their attention and time on their own responsibilities. A group that practices unity thinks of helping someone in need of assistance as a very important obligation.

A group that does not practice unity will be divided into two when it comes to making big decisions. This will lead to misunderstandings and debates.

The group’s goal will be more difficult to achieve. The group will take more time to complete the goal. There will be little to no chance of achieving great results.

The members of an group that is not united will typically prefer to be alone when working. They will not ask for help from one another even if they are having a hard time with their assigned task.

These are the common issues that a group will face if the members are not united with each other. A “group” that is not united cannot be called or recognized as a group. A group is composed of people who work together with care and concern for eachother. So, if your group is not practicing unity, do you think your “team” is really a team?

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