Anxiety And Depression 101 MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – What Is Depression?
Chapter 3 – What Is Anxiety?
Chapter 4 – Theories About The Causes Of Depression & Anxiety
Chapter 5 – How Doctors View And Treat Depression
Chapter 6 – Therapy To Treat Depression
Chapter 7 – Therapy Methods For Anxiety
Chapter 8 – Symptoms
Chapter 9 – Helping Yourself Treat Anxiety And Depression
Chapter 10 –Alternative Medicine
Chapter 11 – The Future Of Depression And Anxiety Treatment

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Unless you have been lost at sea over the past ten years, you have probably not only heard about depression and anxiety, but also heard about them on a daily basis. You have also most likely watched countless advertisements about this that appears to be a gnew disease.h Depression and anxiety are nothing new. They have been good buddies that have followed some folks around since the beginning of time. It is just now we are free to talk about it.

Why are we free to talk about it now when psychiatry has been around for nearly 150 years? Probably because there is a lot of money to be made in treating these illnesses with pharmaceuticals. And pharmaceutical companies want to sell drugs that are supposed to cure depression and anxiety so that they can make money.
What are depression and anxiety? Are they diseases or just weaknesses to which certain individuals fall prey? Those who are proponents of modern psychology feel that they are diseases that must be treated with medication and therapy. Those who are against modern psychology feel that this is a state of mind that can be overcome with strong will. Who is right?

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