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Introduction to SEO SEO?

It‟s an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So that‟s the S, E, and O of SEO. But what SEO really means is making money on the Internet. I don‟t mean the act of putting up ad‟s and selling things online that you hope people will buy. What I do mean is making whatever you have available regardless if it has a price tag on it or not easily and readily available to the search engines.

As you know people mostly use the Internet to find information. When someone is trying to find information they tend to use a search engine. When talking about SEO we need to look at the big picture or the whole pie. I am going to explain to you how everything comes together for you when you are using a search engine as either a surfer/searcher or a marketer/publisher. There is a multimillion dollar industry of SEO “professionals”.

Getting people into search engines or getting them higher up in the listings on a search engine is a business all in it‟s own. If the main idea behind getting traffic wasn‟t getting money, there would be no such industry. SEO is nothing more than a set of tricks and tips and sometimes common sense that when used in the right combination or alone will help you out in the Search Engines. You may learn some new terms here or not know the terms I am using but I will explain and later on there is a whole section on it.

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