Hijacking The Holiday Weight Gain MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 4
Chapter 1 – Guidelines To Follow For A Successful Holiday Period With ZERO Weight Gain .. 6
Chapter 2 – Boosting Your Metabolism 13
Chapter 3 – Simple Nutrition Strategies For The Holidays . 16
Chapter 4 – Melting Holiday Fat With High Intensity Interval Training … 25
Chapter 4 – The Tabata System Of HIIT . 34
Chapter 4 – Full Example Day Of Holiday Exercise Routine …… 39
Conclusion .. 43

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Holiday season is just round the corner.

There will be parties, celebrations, food and champagne. Ahhhh….that irresistible succulent Christmas turkey and sumptuous pudding. That delicious new year buffet and the traditional countdown champagne are so tempting. Your spirit is willing but your flesh is week. You binge, I binge…We all binge!

So what is the price you pay for your holiday binge? Well, normally after the holiday period you step onto the bathroom scale and horror of horrors, you have gained a few pounds!!

The dreaded HWGS is upon us. What’s HWGS you ask? You may know it as the very sneaky Holiday Weight Gain Syndrome.

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