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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 8
Affiliate Marketing: What Is It and How Can You Be Successful? .. 8
Pick A Good Niche . 8
Design An Appealing Website 9
Make Use Of Freebies . 9
Learn To Target Your Traffic Back To Your Site . 9
Your Path To Affiliate Marketing Success… 10
Chapter 1: What Can An Affiliate Marketer Expect Life To Be
Like …. 13
7 Tips To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing 15
Chapter 2: Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help Your Campaign
Succeed .. 18
Pick A Product You Have Confidence In …. 19
Don’t Directly Sell The Product . 19
Key Tips To Create Success For Your Affiliate Marketing Program 20
Shorten Affiliate Links … 20
Write Reviews …. 20
Promote Money-Making Products Only . 20
Ways To Successful Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign 21
Email Marketing . 21
Create a Tools Page . 22
Use Bonuses . 22
Use Banners . 22
Chapter 3: Real Result Tips To Ensure Your Affiliate Marketing
Campaign Is Successful … 24
You Must Have Patience 24
To Make Money, You Need To Spend Some …. 25
Start Monetizing Your Blog Right Away 25
Learn About Your Target Audience . 25
Honesty Is Best For Selling Something 25
Effective Tips To Apply Toward Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign … 26
Make A Positive First Impression … 26
Promote Products You Own or Use . 26
Effectively Promote The Product …. 26
Content Is First, Then Affiliate Links …. 27
Don’t Promote Too Many Different Products … 27
Chapter 4: What It Takes To Become A Successful Affiliate
Marketer . 29
Research, Research and More Research …. 29
Baby Steps … 30
Learn About SEO and Other Tools .. 30
Be Passionate About Your Affiliate’s Product … 30
Learn About Your Target Audience . 30
What Ads Will You Use? . 31
What Tools Can You Use To Market Your Affiliated Product/Service . 31
Videos 31
Written Content .. 31
Forums and Blogs …. 31
Chapter 5: What Kinds of Programs Sell Better In Affiliate
Marketing …. 34
Why Is Conversion So Important? … 35
Chapter 6: Should You Blog Or Not Blog Your Affiliate Product 38
Positive Aspects Of A Blog .. 39
Negative Aspects Of A Blog . 39
Creating Your Affiliate Website and Earning Money From It …. 41
Chapter 7: Super Affiliates: Who Are They and What Is Their
Life Like .. 44
What’s A Typical Day Like For A Super Affiliate … 46
Chapter 8: How To Use Search Engines To Generate Traffic For
Your Affiliate Business 49
Key Tips To Remember When Using Linking Strategies . 50
Chapter 9: What You Must Do To Increase Your Affiliate
Program Earnings .. 53
Find A Good Product To Promote … 54
Write Content To Give Away …. 54
Develop A Newsletter or E-Zine To Post Online …. 54
Submit Written Content To Article Directories. 55
Include An Opt-In Option …. 55
Provide Bonuses . 55
Ask For Higher Commissions …. 55
Some Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind 56
Chapter 10: How To Avoid Complaints Of Spam As An Affiliate
Marketers …. 58
What Should You Be Mindful Of To Avoid The Spammer Designation? …. 59
Conclusion … 61
What Are You Interested In? …. 61
Using Your Passion Isn’t Always Best .. 62

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 1: What Can An Affiliate Marketer Expect Life To Be Like

Thanks to the Internet, it’s not as difficult to become and run an affiliate marketing business.

In the past, people had to use telephones and other forms of information to spread word about up and coming programs.

With this technology, and with the assumption that an affiliate stays at home to work, he/she could expect life to go a little like this: • Wake up, power on the computer and have breakfast.

• Go back to the computer to see what new development has occurred in the network. The marketer may be concerned about the latest things going on with the network or looking over the statistics.

• They may redesign their website, as they know a well-thought-out and designed website will lead to an increase in signups and conversion rates.

• After they’ve done this, they’ll submit the affiliate program to various directories, which are geared to attract the attention of people who may want to join the program.

• You start to track down the sales your affiliates are making. You may have emails and phone orders to track. What new clients are checking out the products? You need to write down contact information, as you never know when it’ll be useful later on.

• You’ll have to look through the various resources – button ads, banners, ads, sample recommendations, etc. A marketer knows that this helps with visibility and can all lead to sales.

• You’ll have to answer emails from visitors. The sooner you do this, the better, as everybody wants to be heard. You’ll have to pay attention to inquiries. Nobody likes being ignored, and people can be impatient. Answer their questions quickly and professionally.

• Log into a chatroom where you regularly interact with other affiliates using the program. You can discuss how best to promote products. Always be willing to learn from others, share your advice and provide support. You may have other people who want to join the program but need a little encouragement to do so.

• Find new methods to reaching out to your audience. In the past, you had ezines and newsletters, but newer techniques have come available. This information will be distributed to the affiliate’s current and new customers.

• Bear in mind that these publications can help you learn about new products entering the market. The marketer may have a sale going on that customers want to learn about. They’ll also have to keep up with the sales deadlines within these publications.

• Now, you’ll need to give some appreciation to those people who have helped you become successful with their sales and promotions. Make sure to mention them and their sites as well as the process they used to make things work. This information should be published in a newsletter or on your social media site.

• You will also need to write our recommendations to people who want credible sources for promoted products. You can also make comments on how to be successful as an affiliate marketer on a website where people want to become one. You kill two birds with one stone – you promote the product as the program it’s in.

• Time has flown, and now it’s time for bed.

Of course, the reality is that you won’t get this all done in one day, but it provides you with an idea of what life is like for a typical affiliate marketer.

Do you smell success yet?

7 Tips To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

You may have made the decision to become an affiliate marketing, but what steps do you take next? The first thing you must understand is affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight. It will take time to establish your stream of income, so make sure you’re patient and stick to it. What are the most important tips to becoming successful with affiliate marketing?

Establish Relationships – When it comes to affiliate marketing, it boils down to one word: trust. You can have a friend recommend products to you, and you’ll listen to what they have to say. However, a total stranger recommending products to you, you’ll take with a grain of salt. You must establish trust with visitors to get them to listen to you.

Pick Products That Solve Problems – Many affiliate marketing programs can address a person’s need for a problem. Invest in that program.

Focus On Bringing Traffic To Your Site – You want traffic coming to your website because that means you have the potential to turn them into customers. You’ll need to work hard to get build up the traffic.

Promote Wisely – It will take time to promote your affiliate marketing products. No longer are the days of banner ads and paid ads. Today, you have to inform visitors about the good and bad aspects of the product. Inform them how it can help them and what they may not like about it.

Use Analytical Tools To See What’s Working and What’s Not – It’s important to learn what is and isn’t working for your business. You can’t guess that an ad is working because it may not be. Rather than play the guessing game, use any of the vast array of analytical tools to find out what campaigns are working for you. This information will help you to get rid of campaigns that are failing and putting that money into something else that will work.

Reach Out To Experts – There are a copious number of affiliate networks. If you need help, sign up with one. They provide an array of support and services such as tools, strategies, support, development, etc. This information will help you to increase your campaign’s revenue Make Honest Assessment About Your Recommendations –

Honesty can go a long way. Don’t over embellish about a product because people can see through the lies and this can lead them to turn away from what you have to offer. If they can’t trust you, they’ll never do business with you. Make an honest assessment of the product you are advertising. Do not ever try to deceive your visitors. With these helpful tips, you can reap the benefits that other affiliate marketers have long been enjoying.

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