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Table of Contents

Section One : What Is
What Is This All About?
> Section Two : >> How to Setup Your First Hubpage:
Creating A New Account
Adsense As An Option
Starting Your First Hub
About Photos/Images
Video On Your Hub
> Section Three : About Hubpage Groups
What Are Hub Groups
> Section Four : Tagging & Hubpages
An Important part of Web 2.0
Secret Tip
Ping It!
> Section Five : How Will My Hubpage Rank?
An Important Question For Any Web 2.0 Property
> Section Six : Improving Your Hub Score
Tips To Bringing Your Score UP!
> Summary
> Access the Videos
>Profit Big With This Report

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What is

The Hubpages team was founded by three guys out of Microsoft that were part of the successful startup MongoMusic. The team includes Paul Edmondson, Jay Reitz, and Paul

Many of you may have heard of Squidoo which is a competitor of Hubpages. Basically both of them are a free-hosted community of content producers. Both Squidoo and
Hubpages can be grouped into the Web 2.0 movement where user generated content rules.

Both Squidoo and Hubpages SHARE REVENUE with their content creators (YOU). In my experience the revenue numbers are still low, but the opportunity is growing. (But as you will see throughout this report, there are MANY other reasons to focus on Hubpages vs. just the revenue sharing . . .)

One of Hubpages differences is in how they share profits with the producers of the content on this free hosting / Web 2.0 platform:

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