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The $15,000.00 lesson I learned the HARD way…

This document will take about 2-3 hours to get through. I suggest you go over it several times because there is a lot of information here. To get the most out of this document follow these steps:

Step 1- Click here to listen to the Introduction audio

You should really listen to the audio first. If it doesn’t play you need to get Adobe Flash Player here

Step 2- Actually think about what’s being said to you…and absorb it because these are the most important lessons I learned in my Internet Marketing career…

Step 3 – Make sure you read the whole document.

Step 4- Make sure your speakers are on!

Watch for the links to audios and videos in this document

Analysis of the flow of an online sale….

Imagine that I’m reading an email ad in my Inbox. The ad is compelling so I click on the link in the ad which brings me to a page that asks for my information.

I want to find out more so I submit my information, and I’m sent to a sales page. I buy or I don’t buy, depending on various factors like price, quality of product, my needs etc…

What happened here?

1-The email ad was obviously placed in the right place at the right time because it reached a target audience (me). The ad was compelling enough that I clicked on a link and saw something else that was compelling; a “squeeze page”

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