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3. Get Some Physical Fitness In!

Research has proven that getting exercise and fitness into your schedule regularly will help to improve your sleep and also give you more clarity in your mind. It releases end orphins, adrenaline, and a host of other chemicals that help to balance out your mood and your emotions. As such, this makes getting a little bit of exercise regularly can be massively helpful towards reducing the stress in your life.

Anything that gets your heart pumping moderately is good for you. You don’t have to join a gym or go all out. This doesn’t mean you have to make a huge change in your life. And if you can’t travel far or go places, even just running up and down the stairs repeatedly is enough to get your heart moving at a brisk rate.

4. Practice Breathing Techniques

So many tend to overlook the power of simple breathing techniques. If you consider how your body reacts when you’re stressed, having a panic attack, and so on –you’ll notice certain traits of your physical state.

You may even notice that your breathing becomes much shallower and the breaths are shorter. What you want to do is try and reverse all of these different physical elements of stress, as soon as you feel them occurring (if possible).

It’s easier in practice: hit the pause button. Take a deep controlled breath, fill your lungs,feel your chest and stomach expand. Slowly exhale your breath of air. Focus on tranquility in your mind, don’t continue to focus on what’s bothering you. Continue this exercise a few times, and you’ll notice the results are almost immediate.

Try and make use of this yoga breathing technique: Inhale slowly, counting to eight. Exhale through your mouth, even more slowly, counting to sixteen or so. Make a sighing noise as you exhale, and feel the tension dissolve. Repeat this process ten time or as many times as you find necessary.

You truly can’t knock it until you try it! That’s why you should find a breathing pattern and exercise that feels most natural and relaxing to you. There’s no set in stone method for every single person.

If you find that you have more time to exercise, that’s even better. They say that exercising for 30 minutes per day is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and your body. Not only does it help you keep fit, but it also gets the blood pumping around in your body. While you’re doing exercises, there’s chemicals being released from your brain that can elevate your mood.

5. Stop Putting Off Problems And Other Things

Sure, this sounds simple, but if it’s so “simple” then why do people always find themselves immersed in greater problems that could’ve been resolved way sooner? Maybe it’s because in order to take care of issues as they arise, without putting them off, it requires some preparation.

For instance, if you’re traveling, there’s always going to be something that happens. Whether it’s flying or driving, you should create a list long in advance of the things that you need when traveling. The sooner in advance you begin planning, the more time you give yourself to recognize things you may have missed.

When you have somewhere to be, rather than THINKING you can be prepared in X amount of time, just start earlier. Leave earlier to get to your destination. The more time you leave for error, the less stressful any potential problems that arise will be to deal with.

Again, I cannot stress how important lists, and pre-planning is when it comes to preventing stress and even helping to give you purpose and direction for each day.

6. Create A Network Of Support And Friends

Did you know that people that are married (happily, obviously) and people that are more outgoing (as in, always meeting new people and being social), tend to have considerably lower levels of stress in their lives?

I think it goes without saying that having a support network, and people in your life that are present for you, is something that’s going to help you manage stress much better.

I’m not talking about people that you gossip with and talk negatively with, though to be fair, I think most people do that from time to time. What you need in your life is people that aren’t worriers and don’t constantly have a barrage of their own problems. Even “friends” that may mock you or talk negatively about life in general will end up having a negative impact on your level of anxiety.

Reach out to people that you know, send an email or message on Facebook to an old friend that you used to talk to. Try to establish these kinds of positive connections, and be more forgiving of others as well. Be honest with those in your life, and you’ll find that you have less stress as a result of it.

Work to communicate effectively within your environment anywhere you go. Whether it’s to co-workers, higher ups, or friends. Ask questions, and get clarity. You should always remember that “perfectionism” is not the means to happiness.

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