How to Ease Your Allergies Plr Ebook

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What are allergies?
How would you know if you have an allergy?
What causes allergies?
Who is at risk for allergies?
Allergies and Asthma
How serious is an allergy to bees?
What is allergic rhinitis?
The Truth about Allergies and Vocal Cord Dysfunction
What are seasonal allergies?
Snagging the Villains: Some Known Contributors to Allergies
Food Allergies: Discover the Culprits, Prevent the Symptoms
Diagnosing Allergies
What treatments are available for the different types of allergies?
Natural Remedies
Avoiding Allergic reactions

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What are Allergies?

Stories of friends and family members unable to enjoy certain foods, participate in activities, or participate in particular environments are all too common.

In fact, 50 million Americans are estimated to have allergies. This means that a great number of people live with certain lifestyle ‘limitations’ by what we’ve come to know as an allergy, which is what an adverse reaction by the immune system to any foreign substance is called.

There is no clear apparent medical reason why people contract allergies, but one thing remains clear: the condition is indiscriminate in its coverage and may affect us regardless of age, gender, or race. Commonly, however, the allergy manifests in our infancy or childhood, although some symptoms may appear at any age or may reappear after any period of apparent inactivity.

Most allergies are largely insignificant and may be dealt with by simple lifestyle choices; however, there is a possibility of them either adversely affecting our daily life, or perhaps life-threatening conditions.

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