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Part 1: Herniated Disc: Things To Consider – (319 Words)
Part 2: Herniated Disc: Finding Your Pain Level – (343 Words)
Part 3: Herniated Disc: Do You Need Surgery? – (330 Words)
Part 4: Herniated Disc: Options Other Than Surgery – (399 Words)
Part 5: Herniated Disc: The Outcome – (340 Words)

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A herniated disc can be something that causes you an intense amount of pain.  Today, many people will go to see their doctor because of the pain that they feel in their lower legs and hips.  A shooting pain there is an indication that you may be suffering from a herniated disc.  If that is what you are facing, you and your doctor should talk about options that you have.  One option that your doctor may talk about is the need for surgery.  But, before you dismiss it, you may find that there are many benefits to having it done.  The pain can be relieved faster and is less likely to come back than if you don’t seek out surgery.  Yet, before you go down that road, have you don’t everything that you can to avoid surgery for a herniated disc?

For example, most doctors will require a waiting period of up to four months prior to doing surgery on a standard herniated disc.  If the pain can be minimized and the condition is not quite severe this time frame can be the perfect time to consider the other options in pain relieve that you have.  For example, you may want to try other non surgical treatments such as hot and cold therapy, medications and even physical therapy.  In addition to these things, you’ll also find a number of different alternative treatments for herniated discs such as acupuncture, massage therapy and even hydrotherapy.

By taking the time to explore these other options, you and your doctor will ultimately determine the right path for you to go down.  With some help from your doctor and a bit of understanding of your condition, you’ll be able to quickly see the benefits that can come from these non surgical remedies for your pain.

While surgery is something you need to take into consideration, there are other non surgical treatments that may help to relieve the pain that you are facing too.  Each and every person will experience their own need for treatment and for some, there is an immediate need to get the help they need through surgical means.  When you and your doctor determine that is the right path for you, then going down it is the best way to find relief.

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