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Part 1: Nutrition And The Glycemic Index – (317 Words)
Part 2: The Glycemic Index: Preventing Diabetes Through Diet – (325 Words)
Part 3: The Glycemic Index: Lifestyle Changes – (332 Words)
Part 4: The Glycemic Index: Is It Worth The Effort? – (322 Words)
Part 5: The Glycemic Index: It Seems More Difficult Than It Is – (363 Words)

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Making a transition to a healthier eating style is not as difficult as it seems at first; unless you are one of these that has his mind made up that you don’t like wheat bread or whole grain cereal. If you make the changes with a positive attitude, you will achieve far greater success than fighting the transition or doing it “because the doctor made me do it.” You have to do it because you know it’s the best thing for your health and because you want to do it. Unfortunately, that sometimes means a health scare that shakes you into reality, thus the reason that so many people fail when they try to change the way they eat.

Making a lifestyle change is all in the perception of it. If a person is really adamant they do not want to do it, then they are going to make it more difficult than it needs to be. For instance, switching to whole wheat bread is a simple transition on a low glycemic index carbohydrate diet, but if a person insists that they “hate” that kind of bread, the transition is going to be more difficult than if they accepted it as part of a regiment of healthy eating. Quite often people fail at diets and other lifestyle changes because they want to be contradictory and insist that they don’t see the point in making the changes or “what is the difference if it’s white bread or wheat bread” kind of attitudes. It’s much like the pregnant woman who is told she can only have one soda per day and insists, “What is one more?” The more difficult you attempt to make the task, the more difficult it will become.

Making lifestyle changes for the benefit of your health can be easy if you allow them to be. You are in charge of the transition to the lifestyle changes, and if you make it difficult, it will be. If, however, you accept that it is for the good of your health, the transition will go smoothly and effortlessly.

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