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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
The basics of raising kids

Chapter 3:
The characteristics of a genius

Chapter 4:
How to transform your kids to become geniuses

Chapter 5:
The soft skills required for good parenting

Chapter 6:
The hard skills for parenting

Chapter 7:
The Places to find information for good parenting

Chapter 8:
The benefits of good parenting

Chapter 9:
The A-Z of parenting, tips and secrets

Wrapping Up:
The strategies to ensure you are an extra ordinary parent

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Chapter 2: The basics of raising kids


Raising kids is not just all about fun and play. You must teach them manners, discipline and respect as well. Most kids don’t want to learn these things but in order to be a good parent, you should teach them everything they need to know about life.

Remember that you should always begin when the child is young. We recommend starting lessons for them when they are a toddler.

Obviously, you aren’t going to jump ahead 4 grades and start teaching them advanced math. Their brain is still developing and they are still learning speech plus basic movement skills. With this in mind, you’ll need to raise your kids by giving them simple activities that have to do with colors, hand-eye coordination, and memorization. These are the most basic skills a child will need in life. By dealing with these skills first, they’ll be confident to learn a lot more.

Behind The Scenes

If your child seems rebellious or against the thought of learning about certain subjects, you’ll need to motivate them. What is it that your child enjoys? Do they have a certain activity or something it is that they want? If so, you should act on whatever that is. For example, if they love eating cookies and you rarely give them cookies, it is a good idea to reward them. You can reward them for completing tasks just by giving them cookies. They will look forward to their next task because they know if they complete it – they will get another cookie. This way it is like a fun game to them.

When it comes to raising kids, you should always organize everything accordingly. Wake them up at the same time for their breakfast and start their toddler lessons at noon. The reason why we do this is so that they can get used to their schedule. If you jumble everything up, they may not be in the mood to learn. Believe it or not, some toddlers develop a feel for “time”. If they normally eat and study after – they will be prepared for this.

Also, this will allow you to relax and stop worrying about if they will take part in your lessons or not. They won’t say no since they already know the time has come to learn. Eventually, they will except it as an everyday part of life. This is exactly what we want them to think and the technique works extremely well with kids.

Chapter 3: The characteristics of a genius


A genius is someone who is smart, logical, observes what’s going on around them, and a problem solver. If you want them to become a genius, it will take hard work.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to take two hours out of your day to teach your children. A brief lesson is fine and would be better for the child. You don’t want to drag the lesson on for so long that they eventually don’t want to participate anymore. A lesson should last for 10-30 minutes only, depending on how young they are. If you want your kid to become a genius, you’ll need to pay attention to their progress. Here are a few characteristics of a genius below:

The Signs


Someone who is a genius is logically and can put two things together, coming to a conclusion. Let’s say you have learning cards for your child. There are four learning cards and they must find out which object doesn’t belong. On the cards, there are three different types of birds and one car on one of the cards. Obviously, a kid who thinks in a logical manner will choose the car because it looks nothing like the birds.


If your child is observing, you will notice that they tend to respond to sounds and visuals around them. See how many times you have to call your child before they come to you. If it takes them five minutes before they come to you, it is a good idea to work on this. Give them a reward when they come. This will help with the situation. Look closely to see if your child responds to sounds or visuals more. If they seem to gravitate to visuals more often, this is an indication that they are a visual learner. Quite often, visual learners become artists later on in live but there are other professions as well.


A child who is smart will begin to talk at an early age and even give objects the proper nouns. If you have a younger toddler who is still grasping the name of certain items – you may want to help them out. Point to each item and tell them what it is. Only do this with three items at a time so this way it sticks in their brain. Learning too much too soon can make the child become confused and they’ll even get their words confused. This could have a reverse effect on their learning activities so make sure you do this. Children that are able to retain certain information are naturally smart and by taking advantage of this, they could go a long way. Make sure you work with their strengths and also help them with things they are having trouble with. They will thank you later in life for being such a great parent.

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