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Table of Contents

Introductory ….. 4
Chapter 1: A Glance At Internet Marketing ……… 5
Chapter 2: A Few Ideas On Internet Marketing .. 7
Chapter 3: Viral Marketing Techniques ….. 9
Chapter 4: Setting Up your Affiliate Marketing System ……… 13
Chapter 5: Affiliate Marketing ……. 15
Chapter 6: Balancing Your Promotions … 17
Chapter 7: Avoiding Marketing Money Pits ……. 20
Chapter 8: Business Marketing Strategy . 22

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Chapter 2: A Few Ideas On Internet Marketing

Promoting your small business on the internet is crucial in today’s world. The entrepreneur who ignores this gold mine of potential opportunity does so at his or her own peril.

There is too much to be gained through marketing on the internet, and little to be lost. If you company is internet based to begin with, this is a no-brainer, of course.

But things are rapidly changing on the Web, and those marketing strategies that worked a few years ago may not work as well today. Here are a few things you can do to expose your business to potential new customers that work today, but may not in a few years.

SEO. Search engine optimization. For the internet entrepreneur who wants their website to be a success, this is the first step toward ensuring that success. Unless you have unlimited funds with which to advertise your product, this is a step you cannot afford to skip. Optimizing your website is the equivalent of building your brick-and-mortar store in a major shopping district as opposed to halfway down a dirt road with an old rusty sign pointing in the other direction.

Its importance cannot be overstated. There are many facets to SEO, and not enough room in this article to get into them. Fortunately, few topics have been as exhaustively written about. Do a Google search of your own, and you will find plenty to read.

Pay Per Click. This is another fine way to get your internet business off and running. This service is offered by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, to name a few. With Google AdWords, you’re going to have the most potential traffic, but you may also have the most competition for the best keywords. What does this mean? Well, AdWords (and the others) work by letting you create an advertisement (usually a headline and a couple of sentences).

You then must choose the keywords that will activate your ad. Then you place a bid on how much you’re willing to pay per click of your ad, depending on each keyword. It all sounds a lot more confusing than it is. The benefit of this type of advertising (as opposed to, say, banner advertising), is you only pay when you have been ensured of a visitor. Of course, what you do with that visitor is up to you and your own marketing skills.

Articles and inbound links. Next to SEO, this is the most powerful section of strategy for the up and coming internet business owner. In order to move up in the search engine rankings, you must have incoming links (backlinks, as they’re called in the SEO world). When the search engines see a website with a lot of natural inbound links, they begin to see the website as an authority on whatever subject the site is about.

Thus, the site’s ranking begins to improve. There are many ways to go about getting backlinks, but one of the best ways is through writing articles. There are article “farms” on the internet, which host your articles for free and then sell them or give them away to other website owners, who are hungry for content. This benefits you because at the end of the article you will have included your name and a link to your website.

Every time someone grabs your article to put on their website, you get another important link.

There are a million successful strategies for marketing on the internet, but these are the three building blocks. Go and research them, and your business will be the better for it.

Chapter 3: Viral Marketing Techniques

With the onslaught of marketing campaigns geared towards Internet users, viral marketing has paved the way and has become one of the top methods used in advertising. The principle behind the success of viral marketing is the number of users reached through the campaign. There are several viral marketing techniques that can be applied for an advertising campaign to succeed. Take a look at the following:

1. Creating viral marketing awards.

Creating viral marketing awards help both the companies and users by creating even more users. Awards in viral marketing help innovate the industry more and bring out more effective marketing techniques.

2. Distributing free software.

Anything useful and free gets an instant “fan base” on the Internet. Provide online users with any software that they need for free – even for a limited time – and they will surely grab it.

When using a free software, you can run the program to suit any application, check the flow of the program to learn how it works, make improvisations and have the right to distribute the software for free.

3. Providing free email account.

This is what Microsoft did to initially launch Hotmail. They put in a “teaser” at the end of the free e-mail messages that they send out providing a link for users to sign-up for a free and private e-mail account.

The word “free” has sparked the interest of online users, as well as the fact that this is something that online users really need. Soon, almost all Microsoft users signed up for a free Hotmail account. This started the viral marketing fever.

4. Providing free web space.

Personal web logs have become all the buzz on the Internet.

There are companies now who are competing like crazy just to offer customers the lowest cost on directory listing and have the biggest space allotments.

This competition will benefit the users in such a way that they get their pick from a host of web space providers and have the greatest deal.

5. Creating top 100 site.

Online users often need a list of web sites relating to the topic that they need. Creating a top 100 list is one way to build your list and increase your customer base.

6. Offering free e-cards. is one company which provide teasers for online users to send electronic greetings cards. They are animated and personalized, so most users take advantage of the offer.

7. Offering free graphics, banners, templates.

Just like the marketing of regular consumer products, anything that is free and useful will catch the attention of a lot of people. Banners, graphics, templates and other items that online users can use is a welcome addition to their list of freebies and will infuse the viral marketing fever.

8. Offering free consultation.

Most online users do not know exactly where to go for consultations about web services or other services in various fields.

Free online consultation web sites require you to enter your name, e-mail address and other pertinent information and this would help add up to your subscribers and customer base.

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