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Heading into the sunset with the wind at your back    3
Bicycle Apparel and Gear    3
Bicycle Types    4
Bicycle Seats and Comfort Bikes Make Cycling for Life Easier    6
Biking Accessories Make Cycling for Life Easier    6
Biking Trailers and Cargo Bags Make Cycling for Life Easier    7
Competitive Cycling is a Phenomenon    8
Cycling as a Family Activity    8
Cycling as an Excellent Form of Exercise    9
Cycling to Better Health    10
Cycling for Cardio Health    10
Cycling for Life in the Best Biking Cities    11
Great Bike Trails Around the United States    12
Cycling for Life By Biking to Work    13
Travel Trips for Cyclers    13
How to Get Started    14
Making the Most of Cycling With Biking Events    15
Making the Most of Cycling With Organized Bike Rides    16
My neighbor is into biking like no one else    16
The Cycling Vacation    17
No mud puddles to worry about on this bike    18
So, you’re looking for a exercise program    18
The Health Benefits of Cycling for Life    19
The Environmental Benefits of Cycling for Life    20

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Heading into the sunset with the wind at your back

There are many ways to exercise. These experiences range from walking, jogging, swimming to lifting weights, or an assort of other options. You may exercise with any of these. While each accomplishes results when approached seriously, one form of exercise could be added to the list. Many may consider it as a fun activity, but it truly involves exercising. Plus, it is a way to involve inter-generations. It should be no secret. It’s bicycling. And, yes, you may exercise for life with this sport.

If you approach the sport as a lifelong experience, you’ve taken a great leap in several positive directions for yourself. Among the advantages include that you may bike solo, with family members of all ages, with friends or even competitively. In addition, there are opportunities to bike for a good cause. In doing this, you may raise money for that cause, thus helping someone else and yourself at the same time.

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