Cigarette Crusher: Easy Ways To Eliminate Smoking Addiction And Revitalize Your Body Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction To Your New Life

Chapter 2:
Basics To Breaking Old Habits

Chapter 3:
Nutritional Tips For Conquering Ciggy Cravings

Chapter 4:
Benefits of Meditation

Chapter 5:
Affirmations for Abstinence

Chapter 6:
Healthy Habits For A Better Life

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Introduction To Your New Life


I know that if you are a smoker it may be difficult to quit. However, if you wish to stop you will. You’ll get the willpower to take charge. Smoking isn’t good for anybody. Second hand, smoke has proven to be worse than smoking. For those around you, once you smoke you’re hurting them too. Many individuals smoke for years, which make it hard to quit. Nevertheless, you have help and hope, particularly if you wish to quit bad enough.

The Basics

Preventing unhealthy living:
Why do individuals begin smoking? A few individuals begin smoking because they think it’s something cool and their friends are impressed. They believe it makes them look mature. Regrettably, many individuals begin smoking early in life. Many individuals regrettably end up with bronchitis, breathing issues, cancer, and lung disease and so on. As teenagers, we thought it was the cool thing to do, as all of our friends were doing it. We might have picked up the habit watching parents or grandparents smoke.

How smoking impacts you:
No one knows what would happen to you if you don’t quit until the time comes for you to know. You may get cancer in your mouth, in your lungs, you might have a difficult time breathing, fast heartbeat, you might have problems walking across the room. Many things might happen to you if you don’t quit. Ironically, however, a few individuals smoke for years and nothing happens to them. Yet, throughout the years these individuals feel sluggish, tired, and frequently get colds more often.

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