Caving: How to Become a Cave Explorer Plr Ebook With Audio

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What Makes Cave Exploring so Exciting?    4
What Kind of Caves are There?    6
How the Caves Were Formed    8
Basic Caving Gear for Explorers    10
How to Get Through Narrow Passages    12
How to Get Yourself Free From Being Stuck    14
How to Work with Rigs and Ladders    16
How to Use Harnesses and Slings    18
How to Anchor and Rig    20
Ropes and Knots for Cavers    22
Basic Climbing Techniques    24
Belaying, Chimneying and Traversing    26
Cave Hazards to Watch Out For    28
What to Do in an Emergency    30
How to Prepare for Your Caving Adventure    32

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What Makes Cave Exploring so Exciting?

Most people yearn for a little excitement in their lives. Many take up a sport they are good at or learn a new one. Some people even do extreme sports like bungee jumping to get that adrenaline rush. Others take up exploring caves. They find it exciting because there is an element of danger. If everything is not done properly they could fall or get lost in the dark recesses of the cave.

It’s exciting because each one must depend on the others in the team for safety. This kind of dependence forges a bond that is hard to explain for those who have not experienced it. It’s similar to the bonds that come from fighting in a war. Sharing danger and depending on your team member makes people feel close to each other.

Another aspect of caving that many find exciting is that you have a real chance of finding a place that man has never been in before. In a world where there is hardly anything new to explore, caving offers the chance to become an explorer – sometimes without having to travel to the ends of the earth to find new ground.

Exploring new ground on top of the earth can be spoiled by the boundaries that countries create. You may have to get permission to enter the country – or you may be refused permission, so that will spoil your adventure before it starts. With caving, you can usually find a cave to explore without getting permission from what may be a hostile or reluctant government. Exploring forests pose a danger of snakes and other poisonous wildlife – exploring caves offer the sort of danger that can be controlled or minimized by proper preparation, so some people see it as a safer alternative.

Caving is made more exciting by the mere fact that it is done in darkness. Once daylight is left behind, the only light comes from the explorer’s torch. Wriggling down into those tiny cracks knowing that there are thousands of tonnes of rock over your head really makes the caver feel the immensity of nature. Caving is so different to the normal sport or leisure time activity that it attracts those people who are looking for a new pastime.

While many caves have been explored by others, there is always the chance that you might find a different passage way or tunnel that has been missed. There are many wonderful sights to see hidden away below the earth’s surface. Stalactites and stalagmites may be just around the next corner – you’ll never know until you go!…

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