Planning For A St. Thomas Vacation: Experience The Magic Of The U.S. Virgin Islands Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

The Perfect Vacation Spot 4
A Climate To Die For! 5
A Rich, Diverse History 6
Prepare For Your Trip 11
What You Need To Pack 11
What You Need To Enter The Virgin Islands 11
Do I Need My Passport? 11
What about Money? 12
Safety Tips For Overseas Travel 12
Some General Travel Safety Tips 12
Charter Your Trip 16
The Truth About Travel Agencies 16
Book A Trip Yourself 17
What To Expect When You Arrive 17
Awesome Activities in St. Thomas 19
Consider a Shoreline Cruise! 19
Restaurants and Eateries 21
Fun Activities For The Family 22
Animal Activities at Coral Ocean Park 22
Aspire to Become an Artist 22
Gambling for Adults 22
Snorkling and Other Fun Sea Activities 22
Golf in the Gulf! 24
Transportation & Sight Seeing 24
Airplane! 24
Rent a Car 25
Take a Safari Bus 25
Take a Walk! 25
Taxis, Just Like The Big Cities! 25
The Surrounding Islands 26
Saint Croix 26
Crucian Festivals and Events 28
St. John 28
Events and Tourism 29
Tortola (British Virgin Isle) 30
Tourism and Travel 31
Jost Van Dyke 31
Anegada 33
Enjoy Your Stay! 35

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The Perfect Vacation Spot

The Caribbean is a vastly popular location for vacationers all over the world. The temperate and warm climate throughout the region and tropical backdrops among the islands attract visitors from all walks of life. The Bahamas and Jamaica are among the most well-known vacation destinations but if you’ve ever been on a trip to either of those places you can expect to be knee deep in other tourists and guided around on “educational” tours that show you a tiny sliver of the real social climate in each country.

These are okay vacation spots but if you want a rich cultural experience and a vacation on a beautiful Island that hasn’t been ravaged by tourist attractions and big business than you’re going to want to check out St. Thomas, largest and most populated of the U.S. Virgin Islands and an absolutely beautiful vacation destination!

The Virgin Islands are the eastern island group of the Leeward Islands, which are the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, which form the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Politically, the north-eastern islands form the British Virgin Islands and the south-western ones the United States Virgin Islands.

Technically the official name of the British Virgin Islands is simply the “Virgin Islands” and the official name of the United States Virgin Islands is the “Virgin Islands of the United States”, but in practice since 1977 both territories have been almost universally referred to as the “British Virgin Islands” and the “United States Virgin Islands” to distinguish the islands from each other.

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