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{!firstname_fix}, Here’s Your Second Lesson about “Camping Survival
Guide: Tips For Campers Like You”

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I hope you enjoyed your first lesson.

Camping – A Life Changing Experience?

You will surely come out from it with heads up, knowing you have
survived the wilderness.  You know you are now of a
different breed – and a real man at that.  Women will find it a
life-changing experience as well.  With the survival
skills they have acquired first-hand, they know they are more
capable of taking on any challenges that may come their
way – as they go back to their real world.

Your children will not only enjoy camping, they will love it.
Perhaps at the start, they may have some fears – but
that is only natural.  They are experiencing a completely new thing
with lots of factors beyond their control.

The kids will see it as a new environment – where unfamiliarity is
in the air.  Yet after some time, they are sure to
appreciate the exposure to such experience.  When they go back to
tell their friends about this, they will be proud of
themselves and will have the confidence necessary for them as they
grow to maturity.

Camping provides for a time away from the current civilization we
are in.  It is as if you are moving back to the past,
experiencing what it was like then living without all the
technologies available for us today.  No television, radio
and other devices that keep us entertained all day long.

We’ll cover A few survival tips for campers next time…

Take Care,

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