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Part 1: Unemployment Insurance Comes In Many Forms – (369 Words)
Part 2: Unemployment Insurance For Credit And Loans – (306 Words)
Part 3: Unemployment Insurance To Protect Your Home – (311 Words)
Part 4: Unemployment Insurance For Sickness And Injury – (293 Words)
Part 5: Unemployment Insurance For Critical Illness – (333 Words)

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Unemployment insurance takes many shapes and forms. In the USA everyone is entitled to some unemployment insurance compensation provided they have accumulated enough income credits and have not been dismissed for gross misconduct. There are however, other unemployment insurance schemes. Some purchase private plans to cover debts in the event of long term job loss. Some purchase plans to cover them for sickness and injury. In this article we will take a look at some of the various unemployment insurance types and offer advice as to which ones you should purchase.

Unemployment Insurance Compensation

When you mention unemployment insurance, one of the most well known types in the unemployment compensation that you can receive when you are let go from your job. In the USA, depending on where you live, you are entitled to between 6-12 months unemployment compensation. The amount you receive is based on your previous earnings and can be extended in times of high unemployment.

Everyone that is in employment is eligible to receive this unemployment insurance compensation. The only criterion is that you have accumulated enough wage or income credits and you were not dismissed from your position for gross misconduct or of your own accord.

There are a couple of purposes for unemployment insurance. The first, is so the unemployed can still meet their financial obligations while they are out of work. The second is to help local communities. Small communities can be greatly affected by unemployment if a large number of their workforce are laid off or fired. This keeps money coming into the local economy for a period of time.

When you receive unemployment insurance you are allowed to spend it how you wish. The amount you receive is calculated by your previous earnings. If you were in a fairly high paying job you may have money left over. This you can use how you please.

Unemployment insurance is designed to bring some relief to those who are out of work. It is a temporary measure but can sustain someone until the find new employment. The local economies also benefit in that it keeps money coming in.

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