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Part 1: Bridal Shower Invitations: All You Need To Know – (332 Words)
Part 2: Bridal Shower Invitations: Making Sure You Stay On Budget – (357 Words)
Part 3: Bridal Shower Invitations: Purchase Or Make? – (317 Words)
Part 4: Bridal Shower Invitations: What Information To Include? – (342 Words)
Part 5: Bridal Shower Invitations: Beyond The Invitations – (318 Words)

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Although it is nice to give the bride and groom the best of everything, there is that sticky word that often comes to mind of budget.  The bridal shower invitations that you select should fit within your budget.  What’s more is that they shouldn’t be the most expensive item on your budget for the bridal shower!  Although it is often a wonderful thought to spend a great deal of money on custom made invitations that are elegant and sophisticated, it may not be appropriate.  When it is, it should still be done without too high of a price tag.

First determine the type of wedding shower you and your guests will be enjoying.  If this is a formal dinner party in which guests are expected to dress up and enjoy an elegant meal, then a formal invitation is necessary.  This means that everything should be well designed including having a professionally printed invitation. 

One the other hand, if the wedding shower will take place in someone’s home or in another informal location, the bridal shower invitations don’t need to be nearly as formal or as costly.  You can make them yourself or you can get them with simple lines for the information required in which case you would simply write in the appropriate answers.  If you will have an information shower, you shouldn’t provide a formal invitation, or the other way around.  It will confuse guests and it will cause a great deal of breaking the bank for no real reason.

Talk with the others planning the wedding shower.  Find out just how formal the shower will be and find ways to provide an invitation that cuts this price down considerably.  In many ways, the budget shouldn’t be hurt to badly by the cost of the bridal shower invitations.  Even more important is the fact that your guests will take their cue as to what to give and what to wear to the bridal shower by the way that the invitation is presented.

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