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Part 1: Snorkeling: Learning How – (329 Words)
Part 2: Snorkeling: Getting In Some Practice – (328 Words)
Part 3: Snorkeling: Water In Your Mask – (340 Words)
Part 4: Fins: An Important Tool In Snorkeling – (349 Words)
Part 5: Perfecting Your Snorkeling Techniques – (315 Words)

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Although you will want to take time to consider the type of snorkel you’ll be using to actually snorkel with, the fact is that you need to also purchase or rent fins.  Fins are simply shoe like “fin shaped” flippers that you will put over your feet.  Usually made of plastic or rubber, they are a necessary feature because they allow you to flow through the water easily.  In addition, they keep the water calm, unlike swimming would.  Calm is a good thing especially when you want the fish to come up to you or even more so the dolphins.

First, purchase the right size fins for your needs.  Don’t assume that any that you find at the discount department store will work for you.  You need a pair that is high in quality and durable.  After all, you don’t want the fins to come flying off your feet when you enter the water and give your first movement.  Get a professional to help you to try them on.  Look for a snug but not too tight feel.

Once you have your fins, the next step is to actually use them correctly.  To get started, you need to learn how to flutter kick correctly.  Your fins need to remain under the water, actually under the water line completely.  You also need to keep your knees, ankles and legs relaxed.  If you have them stiffened chances are good that you’ll have leg cramps quickly.  Picture a mermaid in your head.  The type of movement that they would use is what you want to mimic.  You want a flow, not a bicycle type of kick. 

Use your fins as a tail, not as to different elements but one.  When you do this, the fin will move you through the water easily, without you having to do anything with your arms or your shoulders.  Fins are a must for those that plan to really enjoy what the water has to offer to them.

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