Aging PLR Autoresponder Email Series v2

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* 52 Weeks Pre-written Autoresponde Series Newsletters
This isn’t just ANY private label rights content. These newsletters are written to effectively promote best-selling affiliate products for an entire year. All the work is done for you.

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* Opt-In Template For Each Niche
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Aging PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Message Titles:

– Household Ingredients For Aging Skin
– Men-Menopause: The Aging Of Men’s Sexuality
– Garlic & Aging: Slowing Down Time
– Alzheimer’s Disease
– Death Perception
– The Anatomy Of Joints And Bones
– Wrinkle Times
– Staying Fit With Age
– Changes In Sleep Patterns As We Age
– The Function And Structure Of The Digestive System
– What To Look For In An Anti-Aging Product
– Caring For Aging Parents
– Understanding Aging
– Aging & Libido
– The Aging Of The Lungs
– A Look Into Aging Joints And Bones
– Slowing Down The Clock
– Managing Waste As We Age: The Kidneys
– The 3 Bad Habits You Must Avoid To Stay Young Longer!
– The Skin – The Largest Aging Organ
– Age And Its Impact On Hearing
– Vision & The Process Of Aging
– Aging & Natural Selection
– Possible Conditions Brought On By Aging
– What We Will Cover In Following Newsletters
– Make-Up For All Ages
– What Is Aging?
– The Changes Of Menopause
– The Causes Of Hair Thinning And Graying
– Defy Aging With These Powerful Antioxidants
– How Our Face Ages
– Natural Life Prolongers
– Intelligence & Age: The Truth About IQ
– The Anatomy Of The Heart
– Aging & Creativity – Partners In Time
– Memory & Aging: How Are They Related?
– Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
– Tissue Oxygenation And Regeneration
– A Conclusion To Healthy Aging
– How Do We Age?
– Delay Aging With These Herbs
– Aid In Your Cleansing
– Preventative Health Screenings For Successful Aging
– The Lungs Explained
– Make-Up Throughout The Years
– Myths Of Aging Explained
– More Antioxidants To Slow Down The Clock
– Aging Hearts
– Aging & Digestion: What’s The Damage?
– Hair And The Age Effect
– Are You Checking Your Health Regularly?
– SMELL & TASTE: The Aging Of The Senses

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:

Mario Badescu Skin Care

MarioBadescu is a top provider for skin care products online.“Quick and easy shipping & handling; 100% satisfaction guarantee; and coupons that will bring you the highest ROI.” Earn 10% per sale with a 7-Day EPC of over $85.00.

Market Health

Market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty affiliate program online. We offer the highest paying affiliate commissions and best tracking software in our industry.

LifeCell Skin

“Revolutionary New Breakthrough In Skin care Science That Makes Lines And Wrinkles Virtually Vanish Before Your Very Eyes.” Site claims that this one product can replace all others in your possession – works on skin, under eyes, dark circles, brown spots, etc. Pays an amazing 50% commission on sale price of $189.

Make-Up USA

“The Best In Cosmetics and Skin Care From New York and Switzerland Featuring Bren New York and Colosé Switzerland” Affiliates earn 15% with a second tier offering of 5% commission.

Fitness AntiAging

“Anti-Aging Fitness Program is the first of its kind to combine fitness innovation and anti-aging breakthroughs. Markets products in 6 booming markets – Anti-Aging, Fitness, Weight Loss, Diet, Health- Fitness and Wellness.” Affiliates receive 50% commission of the discounted sale price of $67.00 (retail $147). That’s a commission of $33.50 for each sale you refer. Most downloaded products sell for $25 to $50.

Make Me Heal

“Top Beauty, Skin Care, Anti-aging & Make Up Brands, Physician- Recommended Products.” Earn 20% of net sales on over 4000 cosmetic surgery & beauty products.”


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