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Part I- Mental Exercises To Stimulate Memory Function – (321 Words)
Part II- Boost Your Memory By Playing Bridge – (308 Words)
Part III- Learn A New Language And Boost Your Memory – (327 Words)
Part IV- Music Can Boost Your Memory – (319 Words)
Part V- Cooking As A Cure To Memory Loss – (322 Words)

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When we are young most of us learn one language that we use for the remainder of our lives. Normally as we enter middle and high school we are required to take on another language. For many children they can pick up the basics of the new language fairly easily.
One of the fundamentals steps in learning a new language is committing the basic words to memory. Most of us know how to say hello and goodbye in French and perhaps even in Spanish. It’s not because we learned how to read those words, but instead we heard them and committed them to memory. Remembering them when the time is appropriate we are able to draw them up from memory and pronounce them effortlessly.
Using this same technique to learn more words is not only a good way to further your vocabulary in that particular language but also to exercise your memory. This can be done at any age and the benefits to memory are just as important regardless of how old you are.
When you are in school, you take a class to learn a new language. In some cases this involves the use of diagrams and textbooks. You memorize the phonetic sounds and learn how to articulate the words properly. If you are older and looking to learn a new language you can do the same, attend a class or you can purchase a set of tapes that you listen to and mimic.
In the latter case, memory plays a significant role in learning the language because you are required to memorize the words and then recite them. While you learn each new word you are also committing it to memory. It’s simply a great way to not only learn something new and interesting but it gives you a chance to boost your memory as well.

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