Being a New Parent of a Special Needs Child Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents    2
How to Cope with Being a New Parent of a Special Needs Child    4
Section I: Adjusting Your Life    4
Your Situation Is Unique    5
Dealing With Your Feelings    6
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs    9
Making Sure Your Needs Are Met    13
Assertiveness, Proactivity and You    15
Don’t Let Others Define You    17
When People Say Insensitive Things    17
A Well-Balanced Life    19
Communication    20
Support    21
Support Groups    22
Rest    24
Nutrition    27
Fun    28
Section II:  Resources    29
Have You Met IDEA?    29
Terms You’ll Likely Get To Know All Too Well    31
It’s All About The Labels    33
An Easy Trap To Fall Into…    35
Assistive Technology    35
Your Toolkit    36
Magazines    36
Articles    36
Books    36
Radio    38
Websites    38
Humor    38
Organizations    38
Homeschooling    39
Early Intervention Services    39
National    40
The Adventure Begins…    47

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How to Cope with Being a New Parent of a Special Needs Child

Section I: Adjusting Your Life

Recently you learned your much-awaited child is going to have special needs.  It’s not the perfect-baby fairy-tale you expected, but if you are like almost every other special needs mom on the planet, you’ll quickly find your baby’s story is going to have its own very real magic.

The first major step lies in realizing that parenthood is actually never guaranteed perfect. In fact, the only thing that has really changed will be the nature of the challenges facing you. Along with the expected special needs challenges, you will find that many unexpected joys lie ahead for you and your family.

If you’re reading this Special Report, you most likely are experiencing one of these 3 scenarios:

• You’re pregnant – and the doctors have told you that your baby will have special needs

• Your special needs baby has just been born (and the “special needs” part may or may not have been a shock)

• Your baby has finally been diagnosed with special needs after months of denial that anything was wrong on the medical establishment’s part, or after a mystery that left both you and your doctors struggling to find an answer …

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