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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Public Safety Basics

Chapter 2:
Stranger Danger

Chapter 3:
School Bus Safety

Chapter 4:
Playground Safety

Chapter 5:
Public Hygiene Safety

Chapter 6:
Internet Safety

Chapter 7:
Latest Tech Gadgets For Child Safety

The Issues With Not Teaching Your Child Public Safety Rules

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 7:

Latest Tech Gadgets For Child Safety


Due to the fact that safety is often the primary concern of most parents, there are a lot of companies in the business of providing gizmos and gadgets that are childproof friendly. This is especially so when it comes to items commonly used around the house.

New Stuff

One of the more common and welcomed tech gadget is the intercom and video monitors that help the parent keep a close eye on the children without actually having to be in the same area as the child.

This helps when the child is being taught to respect the private space and feelings of others, thus by extending the same courtesy to the child, the respects built is invaluable.

Going a step further, there are now gadgets available in the market that can identify the various different cries a baby makes and informs the parents accordingly what is needed to be done to comfort the baby.
Thought is may seem silly to the more experienced parent, such gadgets are almost a life saver for newer parents who are sometimes at their wits end, when it comes to trying to decipher what the child wants and needs.

There is also the latest gadget that allows the child to decrease the percentages of getting bumped, bruised or scalded when taking a bath in the tub, as the device is meant to conveniently display the temperature while making sure it is comfortable enough for the child.

There are also protective gates that can be installed and removed as and when there is a need for them and this will help to keep the child confined to the space designated as safe as opposed to having to keep a constant eye on the child that is left free to roam around.

Chapter 8:

The Issues With Not Teaching Your Child Public Safety Rules


Most parent today are quite a responsible lot and do take the time and trouble to teach their children about various safety issues that will help keep the child safe and protected.

Final Thoughts

However should the child not be exposed to such teaching a lot of unfortunate incidents can and usually do occur and this is of course something that should be avoided at all cost as the resulting damage done can sometimes be so monumental and severe that recovery is either impossible or very hard.

Therefore it is in the best interest of all, especially the child that the parent ensures the child is schooled in all the various safety issues and measure.

Unfortunately there are some parents that feel it is the school’s job to teach the child about safety issues and this may be acceptable if the child is going to be kept isolated until the school going age comes round.

This would be a rather ridiculous notion to even contemplate but nonetheless necessary if the parent is not going to take any responsibility in teaching the child about safety.

From as young as possible, parent should teach a child about the dangers to taking to strangers or accepting anything from them.

Another important lesson that should also be taught at a very young age, is to not tell anyone their name or address as this could lead to negative problems if the wrong person is seeking such information. The danger of this person gaining access to the home should be made very clear to the child so that the enormity of the act can be understood.

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