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Part I- Filing For Bankruptcy – (282 Words)
Part II- Get Help With Your Credit Report – (351 Words)
Part III- Credit Unions Save You From Bankruptcy – (357 Words)
Part IV- Credit Counseling For Bad Credit – (260 Words)
Part V- Getting A Loan Instead Of Bankruptcy – (328 Words)

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Credit unions are nothing more than a makeshift bank. Actually, they are banks and their sole purpose is to help those in need to get out of debt. When you go to a credit union, you will get financial managers that will make arrangements with your creditors to have your bills paid directly through the credit union. Credit unions will be the sole place where you will put your income. If you get direct deposit form your work paychecks, the money will go to the credit union. The credit union will go through all of your expenses, and debts and what you would like to spend on extras like entertainment and the rest of the money is placed into a savings account.
Credit unions will take advantage of every resource they can to help you get out of debt and it works much like a bank except they are more in charge of your money that you are. Credit unions will give you debit cards that you can use whenever you wish but they usually put a limit on it for you so that you don’t over spend. What makes credit unions so great is that they do all of the work for you including paying your bills so that all you have to do is make the money and spend what you can; the whole time you can rest assured that all of your bills are being paid. For a credit union in your area check your local yellow pages.
You can also go online to find a good one as well. When you go online for a credit union you can also get reviews of the union or go with one that already know is reputable so that you can be sure to get the best service possible. You want a credit union that is going to be able to establish close ties with your creditors and not just creditors in general. With some research beforehand, you can use your credit union to get you to avoid bankruptcy.

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