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The number of children with learning disabilities is soaring and most of these children are suffering at the hands of so-called experts producing diagnosis to gain profit. Although there are experts with real concerns, many are searching for their own power. Learning disabilities, extend to disorders, mental illness, behavior problems and so forth. To understand disabilities in learning, one must research the marketplace to read all the information provided to help us understand. In this report, our attempt is to help everyone understand the drawbacks of learning, disabilities, inabilities and so forth. The report is to help everyone determine his or her course in life!

Directional Learning

When a child is growing, often confusion steps in and hinders him from learning. Few children are able to cope with the confusion, but some find it difficult. Many times fathers will expect their children, especially boys, to learn their skills. In other words, fathers sometimes expect their child to become them. When the child goes to school, he is presented with science, math, history, social studies and so forth. The child may have set his own goal to reach, and is confused because new information has opened new doors. The child may struggle with learning, since he is leaning on his father, his self, and the new choices presented to him. His understanding may lean more toward science, making other information confusing. He sees that math plays a part in science, since most scientific studies are based on statistics. Somewhere down the road, however he sees a role model that peek his interest and more confusion sets in. The role model is a TV icon with a good name and interesting behaviors. The influences around him however tell him that his interest is superficial. TV role models are fictional characters he is told. Therefore, he ventures off and finds a reality based role model of similar characteristic as his TV companion. Now, his mind is consumed and frustrated, since from the beginning expectations of being like dad were cultivated. Dad is a construction worker, coming home each night tired from an exhausting day. The child observes each detail displayed by dad, searches his mind to determine if his TV companion is fiction, and stumbles through the schoolbooks to find out what he wants to be in life. As you can see, this chaos can lead the child into a whirl spin of confusion. The child forgets about his own goals and struggles to please everyone else. On top of his many pressures, he is consumed by a society that tells him he has to be like everyone else, or he is not normal.

Learning disabilities are understatements in most instances, since we all have learning inabilities. Simply, because we do not see the way another person sees we are at risk of becoming a titled learning-disabled person. We can look at the many examples and see the truth in this statement. For example, at one time learning-disabled individuals were said to be dumb. Later, scientist discovered that these handicapped individuals had a lot to teach us. The mentally retarded individuals are often disregarded had failures, or at least at one time this was true. Nowadays, even the mental retardation is under carefully study, as researchers are learning new information. Recent studies have proven that the mentally severed are capable of learning. Although no answer has been found to understand why retardation has developed, new studies have shown there is hope.

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