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10 Productivity-Killing Distractions

These 10 distractions aren’t in order of worst to least productivity killers. This is because, for one person, a given distraction can be worse than another.

Additionally, these distractions may change from day to day, with a certain one being worse on a particular day. The bottom line is that you’ll recognize several – or even all of them – as the culprits for your low productivity and lack of time.

These are the most common distractions that cause seriously low productivity and very poor work outcomes.

Social media

I know I said that these distractions are in no particular order – with this one exception. Social media distraction just has to top the list! It’s possibly the biggest simply because of the sheer number of people affected by it – and by the amount of time it wastes.

What is it about social media that’s so addictive? It’s the number one digital addiction in the world, followed by gaming. Naturally, there are lots of theories about why people get hooked on social media but that’s another discussion altogether.

Here’s a typical scenario: you’re busy doing something when you get a Facebook notification. Your best friend has just posted a photo. You really know you shouldn’t but she always posts such amazing photos and you’re dying to see it.

The struggle is very short-lived. You decide to take a quick peek and maybe give her a like… just a quick peek! After all, you’ve been working hard and need a break anyway.

You open your Facebook and before you know it, you’re scrolling through other posts and posting comments… you’re totally lost to the world. Then you decide to check out Instagram while you’re at it… before you know it, you’ve wasted a good 15-20 minutes.

The amazing thing is that this scenario is being repeated at formal workplaces all over the world. Bosses and supervisors are going nuts, complaining of how employee productivity has gone down. But short of banning cell phones from the workplace, there’s nothing they can do.

Social media isn’t just a huge time-waster, but it’s also a major brain fogger. While you’re having fun scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your brain is in overdrive processing all the colors and information. Digital media in general exhausts the brain and saps it of energy.

This is why you may be experiencing energy crashes and mental exhaustion very early on in the day. Even a few minutes can drain your clarity and mental sharpness.

So, in addition to running late on that deadline, you must now deal with a major case of brain fog.

Quick fix: Some people suggest unsubscribing from email and phone notifications but who are we kidding? That’s not going to stop you from going online anyway.

So, what’s the real solution? Get a social media blocking app, pronto!

Let’s face it. If you’re a social media nerd, there’s no way you’re going to abstain willingly, even when you start to realize that it’s killing your productivity. That’s what an addiction is.

The alternative is to force yourself to stay off – by making your social media inaccessible. A social media app blocks you from using social media on your phone or computer for a timeframe of your choosing. It’s a brilliant idea.

Just block yourself during your working hours, or at least for a while when you need to focus on something super important. If your fingers start itching to check out the latest, you won’t be able to access your Facebook, Instagram, or whatever platform you chose to block.

There are dozens of these apps with various features and options to choose from. The most popular are Offline, Social Fever, and Stay Focused. Problem solved. Get yourself to the App Store right now!

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