Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Forward 6
Introduction 7
You and anger 8
Anger 10
Anger management .11
A learned behavior 12
Your emotions .,13
The consequences .15
Is your anger a problem? .16
Some of the signs to look out for .17
You are frequently angry .18
If your anger lasts for a long period of time 19
If the least little thing sets you off .19
If you find yourself always on the defensive .20
You allow your anger to control your life 21
You use your anger to help you get through life .21
If your anger is too intense .22
You become aggressive when angry .22
Society and anger 23
Violence is not the answer 27
Don’t keep it all bottled up .30
Fight or Flight 32
Why you get angry 33
Your personal anger-triggers 34
Frustration 36
Fear .36
Driving 36
Stress 37
Emotional stress 37
Unhappiness at home or at work 38
Your relationships .38
Having to keep a ‘secret’ .38
Lack of sleep .39
Rigidly held ideas .39
The inability to adapt to a situation .39
Provoking behavior from other people 40
Being insulted or belittled .41
Situations which you can’t control .41
Money – or a lack thereof .41
Coping with technology 42
The wrong diet 43
How to stop your anger – the basics 44
Learn control 45
Learn to see the bigger picture .46
Learn to laugh at yourself 47
Don’t take everything personally .48
Help yourself .50
Leave the scene of your anger .50
Hold your tongue 51
Keep to the issue at hand 52
Talk with someone 53
Outside influences .55
Meditate .55
Therapy .57
Self help books etc. .57
Anger management courses 58
Use a ‘worry’ stone .58
Learn to think ‘happy’ thoughts .59
Count to ten .59
Learn to de-stress yourself 60
Start a therapeutic hobby 61
The physical side effects of anger 62
Hypertension (high blood pressure) 63
Tension headaches .63
Anxiety problems 64
Stress 64
Ulcers .64
Depression 64
What has your anger cost you so far? .66
What type of “angry” are you? 68
Are you the slow burner? 69
Or the stick of dynamite? 69
Is your grudge-memory like that of an elephant’s? .70
Are you a road demon on the roads? .70
Or do you prefer to simmer away all day? .71
Are you like a dog with a bone? 72
Or maybe you prefer to play the blame game? 73
Are those tears of rage I spy? 73
Is someone else bearing the brunt of your anger? .73
Can’t meet anyone’s eyes? .74
Is that a flying pig I spy? .74
Everything, condensed .76

Sample Content Preview

You and anger

What is anger, and why do we succumb to it? Both good questions you will agree, and ones that I strive to answer for you throughout this book.

If you thought that you would be able to get a quick fix on what you can do to stop your anger, then you might just want to head on over to the very chapter of this book, the one entitled, “What has your anger cost you?”

Other than that, you will find that if you continue reading through this book, that what I have given you are ways and means by which you can help yourself to defeat your anger problem once and for all.

You need to first understand what anger is, why you get angry, and why you do the things you do when you’re angry. Without this insight into your anger, you will find that it’s not as easy to defeat that particular problem as you might wish.

Anger is all about you, your feelings and your reactions. Unless and until you can accept for a fact that you are the only one who can control your anger, that no outside forces can affect your behavior so radically unless you allow it to, you will find that the road to getting over your anger is a rocky one.

So what is anger? What happens when you’re angry, why do get angry, and why is it that sometimes your anger will fizzle out like a damp squib of a firework on Fourth of July?

These are all questions that you should learn about and be able to answer, ideally before you even think about getting yourself in order.

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