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How to Recognize Anger
When Anger Leads to Abuse
Commit to Change and Manage Anger
Early Warning Signs and Your Triggers
Taking Time Out
Relaxation to Counteract Anger
One Thing at a Time
Substance Abuse, Depression and Anger
Catastrophic Stress = Catastrophic Anger
Learning Assertiveness Skills
Learning Better Communication Techniques
Teaching children and teens how to control anger
Self-Esteem and Anger
When to Seek Professional Help

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How to Recognize Anger

How to Recognize Anger and Handle it effectively

Anger is a feeling that has to be recognized outright. Anger could be a start of something deeper, like rage or violent actions and reactions. You’ve got to control your anger, because it has the ability to control you.

Anger is best recognized and best controlled if it is more understood. The first step in better understanding anger is to know what the types of anger are. If you know the cause of your anger, the better you can combat it. Here are the types of anger and a short description of what they are.

1. Behavioral Anger. This type of anger is comprised of aggressive and cruel actions. It inclines mostly on the physical aspect. It usually implies an attack towards the subject of the anger, usually a person. It is expressed through trouble-making, physical attack and defiance.

2. Verbal anger. This type of anger, on the other hand, merely uses words and not actions. It is expressed mostly by openly speaking insulting words and hurtful criticisms. Accusing somebody of a crime or of a wrong-doing is also an example of verbal anger…

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